Thursday Doors: inner Brissie

For this instalment of Thursday Doors, I thought I’d share some miscellaneous doors from Brisbane’s inner city suburbs. And then next time I might revisit Melbourne or post some more doors from my friends’ holiday. I suppose this is like a TD version of homesickness – posting so many doors from other places makes me want to return to Brisbane doors. 

Since they’re kind of from all over the place (but still pretty close to each other) I’m not sure how to sort them other than in the order I found them. First is a door to the kitchen of a Persian restaurant in Spring Hill. This is where I tried pickled garlic for the first time. It was pretty good (I ate the entire bulb), but I think I still prefer roasted garlic…


The staff here were quite friendly. I told the chef, in Persian, that the food was delicious. As a favour, he taught me how to write the names of the dishes I’d eaten. (The waiter also let me take a photo of the door without asking why I specifically wanted a photo of the door but nothing else…)

After such a big lunch, I had to go for a walk. After stopping by a pharmacy to visit some friends, I walked into the City, and found this on the way:


I’ve probably gone past this church every time I’ve been to visit the Spring Hill pharmacy, but this is the only time I’ve taken a photo (probably always in a hurry to catch the changing traffic light). I had to find it on Google Maps to figure out what it is: the City Tabernacle Baptist Church, apparently. Maybe I’ll return one day and take more comprehensive photos…

Across the river from the City, you’ll find the trendy suburb of West End. It is a never-ending source of photo-worthy things, and it was along one of the main streets that I found this door:

West End

It belongs to a bar called The Bearded Lady. Sadly, I haven’t had a chance to try their food and drinks, but if this outer appearance is anything to go by, I’m sure it is exactly the sort of place I’d like. (And, yes, that is a piece of cardboard taped over (or in place of?) one of the door panels.)

And since the theme of this post seems to have ended up as sort of food-related but not, I’ll throw in this fourth one too. It’s from an apartment building in Woolloongabba (or “The Gabba” to locals), and is just down the street from The German Club, which was where I was headed that day to eat my fill of pork belly, sausages and sauerkraut.


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