Thursday Doors: streets of Melbourne

I have an extensive back log of door photos to post up. For this week’s Thursday Doors, I thought I’d revisit Melbourne.

Some of you might remember the bright blue door of The Fat Penguin cafe from one of my last posts – a bold blue to grab attention, but not too bright that it shocks you awake before you’ve had your morning coffee. I was pleasantly surprised to find a similarly bright blue door a couple of blocks down the street.

b blue

Ok, not quite the same effect as the one from The Fat Penguin, given its unusual placement/context, but I still like the colour. Not sure where it leads, but they say Melbourne is famous for its little alleyways and secret lanes, so it could be anything. Don’t think it’s open access though…

Just off this road-of-intermittent-blue-doors, I found the following pair of green doors. First, the one on the left:

b twin 1

…and then the one facing it across the landing:

b twin 2

I couldn’t help but think how charming it was. I think the first door is probably the back entrance to whatever shop/business was on the corner (sorry, I didn’t pay attention to that – probably because they didn’t have an interesting door), but the second green door appears to be residential. This is possibly the shortest walk home ever!

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10 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: streets of Melbourne

  1. Love that blue! I find the contrast between the green doors interesting: the one obviously well-kept, the other attractive but not surrounded by much of anything. Perhaps as you say, it’s the back door. At any rate, all good finds.


    • Thanks janet 🙂 Initially I thought the two green doors were much the same, but when I took the photos and had a closer look, I realised they are indeed very different!

  2. Greetings my fellow countryman. I’m from Sydney and this week’s doors come from Tazmazia in NW Tasmania. I noticed you’ve had a door stop over in Launceston, where I’ll be heading down the track. My husband’s all but a Tasmanian original and comes from Scottsdale in the NE. We love Tassie. It’s so old-worldy and relaxing. Awesome food, too.
    Great to touch base.
    Best wishes,

    • Ooh good to know there are more door enthusiasts in Australia! Nice to meet you 🙂
      I absolutely loved Launceston! I was only there to visit a friend briefly, so didn’t get to explore much beyond there, but I’m keen to go back one day!

  3. I love the contrast of the green doors against the red of the bricks and that last door has a simple elegance that’s just delightful. Nice finds 🙂

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