Thursday Doors: a Swiss contribution

I feel like I’ve been very absent from the Thursday Doors scene – in fact, I know that I’ve been very absent because I’ve missed many weeks of Thursday Doors viewing and posting now. And I must apologise, but hopefully I can get back to a more regular TD schedule (probably still not weekly, but maybe every 2-3 weeks)

I’ve actually been re-inspired by a friend who’s honeymooning in Europe at the moment. She sent me a few photos of some lovely Swiss doors she’s found. I’d forgotten that I’d even told her about TD, but she clearly hadn’t forgotten! 

So, in tribute to my friend and her husband, and in gratitude for thinking of me when they saw these doors, here are some doors from Switzerland, courtesy of my good friend:

You can probably tell which door is for a pharmacy. My friend is also a pharmacist, so she’s also naturally drawn to pharmacies while she’s on holidays (and she knew I’d appreciate the pharmacy photo). A number of other pharmacists I know also enjoy visiting foreign pharmacies – it’s a thing. I was actually at work when I received that photo, and I very excitedly went to show a couple of colleagues who also appreciated the photo.

In fact, one of those colleagues was holidaying in Europe earlier this year (also for a honeymoon) and had sent me several door photos while she was there (of pharmacies and other places too). I’ve been wanting to share her photos too, but she told me she has a pretty decent stash, so I’m waiting for her to send the rest of the collection over (she’s been quite busy so hasn’t gotten around to it yet).

I keep trying to convince people to post their door photos on Instagram (since no one else has a blog), but everyone seems a bit shy… so I guess I’ll post on their behalf. I’m certainly grateful for the photos, and I’m glad the TD phenomenon has encouraged others to notice and appreciate doors! (and other small details)

Thank-you A & L! Hope you’re enjoying all the wonders of Europe!

Thursday Doors is run by Norm. Please visit his site to find links to other participating blogs (and add yours to the list if you want to join in!)

11 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: a Swiss contribution

  1. Those are beautiful photographs of unique doors. Or at least to me, a midwestern American suburban chick, they look unique. I’m glad you posted them here and I like your idea of Thursday Doors being on IG. Never thought of that, but it could be fun, too.

    • Thanks Ally! Thursday Doors actually already has a presence on IG, but I reckon it could easily be bigger than it is if I could convince/encourage more people to post there 😉

  2. Kudos to your friend for finding these and even more so for thinking to share them with you.
    There’s something special about that green one that I really like. Those patterns in the center panels are quite unique.

    • I think it must be a sign of a good friend if they think of you while they’re on holidays 😉
      She’s just sent me a few from the next stop on her Europe trip too!

  3. No one has a blog anymore, so true! Blogging has become so quaint. I tried Instagram but I got bored so quickly. Love the Swiss doors – they take me back.

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