short trip, quick post

Just a quick post today. I just got back from a short trip up to Cairns / Palm Cove, and went back to work yesterday. I spent the whole time being very confused about what day of the week it was, and also what the date was. It being the end of July probably didn’t help, but also not having to keep track of dates/days for even half a week was enough to throw me off. 

I was actually in Palm Cove for a friend’s wedding. I flew up last Thursday afternoon, and stayed until Monday afternoon. The wedding was on the Saturday, but by Friday, I was already double-checking my phone to make sure I hadn’t slept through a day or otherwise lost a day by some other means, and that I wasn’t hence going to accidentally miss the wedding I’d travelled up for.

I suppose I’m not really used to having my week-end start on a Thursday.

(In case you’re wondering, yes, I did make it to the wedding on the correct day.)

I’ve been lucky to have been invited to (what feels like) a lot of weddings over these last few years. Yes, it’s probably largely due to the fact that most of the people I know are in that life stage when most people tend to get married (for the first time, at least), but one friend suggested that it’s just the sort of person I am – someone who gets invited to weddings a lot – and I actually take that as a massive compliment.

It’s funny, though, because at least once, some time ago, when I was thinking about friendships and the sort of friend I want to be to others, it did occur to me that I wanted to be the sort of friend that people want to invite to their wedding.

I thoroughly enjoy going to weddings, so I must admit that probably factors into it at least a little bit, but if you think about how people choose their guest list for a wedding, it makes sense that you want to be on that list (if the bride/groom are important to you, that is).

Well, to be fair, I’ve never had a wedding or been very involved in the planning of one, but I assume you’d invite close family and friends; and if you invite a wider circle, you’d be more inclined to include those who you feel you get a lot of love and support from. At the very least, you’d invite people you enjoy spending time with. All excellent criteria to fulfil, no?

I’m not sure why this post suddenly became one about wedding invites, but there you go.

Probably what I was trying to lead to was the fact that I received two more wedding invitations after getting back from my trip. And I’m also going to an engagement party this week-end. And I think what I’m really getting at with this whole blog post is that I thought I’d have more time for blogging, what with being on holidays and all, but that hasn’t quite happened…

Anyway, it’s getting late, and I should probably go to bed. (Gotta work tomorrow, but still haven’t readjusted to sleeping early.)

I just wanted to get this post done tonight because I was legitimately afraid that I’d completely forget about it later, and I’d actually finally break my post-per-week streak that has been going for who knows how many years.

I reckon I’ll do another post about Palm Cove when I have more time, but for now suffice to say that I never really considered myself much of a beach person until I spent a few days by the beach up in Palm Cove.

8 thoughts on “short trip, quick post

  1. I’ve been to so many weddings that I don’t think I could tell you the details of one versus another. Many were lovely, a few were weird. I like the beach in small doses. Too much of it and I look like a lobster, even with sunscreen all over meself.

    • Oh yes, all these weddings tend to blur a bit after a while (and not just because of alcohol). I think I just remember a few highlights from each one.

      Haha fair enough. I actually tried to stay inside during the middle of the day on most days. Long lunches indoors help 😉

  2. I have a thing about weddings: I find them immensely boring and avoid them like the plague (unless it is a family member or best friend). I know this makes me sound like some sort of grinch but I have had my fill of mediocre food, sitting next to people I don’t care about, making small conversations, and drunken dancing at the end of the night. I am content to be overjoyed for the happy couple from afar….

    • That’s a fair call. I probably would’ve expected a less unfavourable view from you, but your reasons for avoiding weddings make perfect sense. Even I will admit there’s often something disappointing at weddings, but, for me at least, there are usually enough redeeming things to leave a rosy memory in my mind

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