Thursday Doors: home again

Since I shared Melbourne photos in my last Thursday Doors post, I felt like doing some Brisbane photos this time – two doors from immediately after my trip, and immediately before it.

When I came home from my trip, I attended a pharmacy conference, which was held in the function rooms of the Rydges Hotel. Funnily enough, very few conference attendees seemed to be staying at the hotel, since it was rather expensive, even with a conference discount… 

If you are familiar with my nerdy/academic side, you may be surprised to know that it was my first time attending a pharmacy conference in all my years of working in pharmacy. It was basically three days of information overload, but at least that means it was all worthwhile. I’m still going through my notes and typing everything up. I told my colleagues (who unfortunately could not attend) that I would share my notes with them (yeah, I haven’t really been able to spend much time on this lately…)

I’d been to Rydges before – not for an event, but to their restaurant, Bacchus, for high tea on two separate occasions a year or two ago, and a degustation last year. The door to Bacchus is basically clear glass, but there’s nothing understated about the function room doors. This photo is from my visit last year (it was good that I already had this photo – it would’ve been hard to take one during the conference…)

a bacchus

Bacchus is on the same floor as the function rooms, and in case you’re wondering, the food there is pretty good too. I don’t have photos of the food, though, because I don’t instinctively take photos of food (because what am I going to do with photos of food?)

And now, for something different, we rewind to the week before my trip. I must have had the afternoon off work, and was going out to buy something, but I don’t remember what. I do remember, however, being in a bright and cheery mood, so when I walked past this house, I promptly took out my phone and took a photo of it:

a neighbour

Of course, I’ve walked past this house many times before (pretty much every morning on my way to the bus stop), and of course I’d admired these doors and the jungle-esque arrangement around them before (pretty much every morning as I walked past) – but it is quite beyond me why I haven’t featured these doors in a TD post before.

My best explanation is that in the morning, the sun is behind this house, meaning the lighting isn’t quite right. When I’m returning home, the sun is usually disappearing below the horizon, or already gone, so there is no light. It was only on that particular afternoon, when I had ample time, and good sunshine, that I could take the photo.

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