Thursday Doors: diagonals

I hope you don’t mind sharp angles, because I’ve got a lot of them in this post…

I’m the kind of person who likes to find patterns and trends. I like to observe and analyse in hopes of finding order and logical reasons. Browsing through my collection of door photos the other day, I noticed a few doors that had diagonals in their design, so I figured I ought to put them together in a post. I will present the photos in chronological order of when I acquired them. 

The first door in this series belongs to a pizza/burger bar in inner city Brisbane – the same one that owns the white shack featured in a previous TD post. You get bonus angles in this one with the little shed frames that sit over the booths.

a Santa Monica

Still in the City, but practically the other end of it, you’ll find the law courts. The following doors belong to the Harry Gibbs Building of the Commonwealth Law Courts. I don’t know much about the legal system or the history of the courts, but the internet tells me that Sir Harry Gibbs was the Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia in the 1980s. Sounds pretty important…


This next door was found on the streets of New Farm, a Brisbane suburb that has featured in one or two of my previous TD posts. It’s right on the river, and is a good place for a late afternoon stroll.

a Blue New Farm

Truth be told, I almost walked right past that door without taking a photo. Luckily the friend I was walking with prompted me to take the photo. (Thanks HD)

This same friend, supportive as she is, also sent me this next photo. Seems like she’s developed a good eye for good doors. I’m sure if she was a blogger, she might join Thursday Doors too…

a Trafalgar

My most recent angular find is one of a restaurant door. They serve German food and German beer. Both are delicious. The following door is from their Chermside (northern suburbs) restaurant, but I’ve only ever been to their original one in the City. It was the first place I tried mango beer.

a Bavarian

It was mid-morning when I walked past, so they hadn’t properly opened yet (hence the upturned chairs and dim lighting inside) but at least that meant I could get a nice photo of the half-open, half-closed doors.

Thursday Doors is run by Norm. Please visit his site to find links to other participating blogs (and add yours to the list if you want to join in!)


6 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: diagonals

  1. Those doors are gorgeous. I like the linear aspect of each door, but know that they’d look goofy here. Around here doors usually have raised panels, often with subtle curves in the wood, or doors have arches over them. So interesting to me to see how different doors can be.

    • Thursday Doors has really broadened what I know about architecture around the world (which was very little to begin with). I initially hadn’t expected it to be this fascinating but it really is!
      Thanks for visiting 🙂

  2. I love the ideal of diagonal lines as a door theme. Just one more thing for me to pay attention for as I go around noticing doors.
    Those first white ones were my faves up until I saw your friends shot of that sliding Trafalgar residences door. So you’ve got your friend scouting out doors for you? Good recruiting job 😀

    • Haha yes, I was quite impressed with her find too! Another friend of mine is just coming back from holidays, and she’s also found some doors for me. Probably the best kind of souvenir she could give me 😉

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