Thursday Doors: Kingscliff

At the start of the year, an old high school friend came to visit, so we went on a random road trip with a couple of other friends. There wasn’t really a plan – maybe just a rough idea of a couple of places we wanted to visit – but it all worked out well, and we went to some interesting places. It also meant I could tick off another item from my perpetually in-progress To Do List (i.e. go on an impromptu road trip) 

By mid-late afternoon, we ended up in Kingscliff, a small coastal town in New South Wales. That day, the air was thick with saline, and made us think about salt corrosion and other challenges of living by the ocean. After some time on the beach, we met a friendly local. He suggested we take a stroll down what I presume is one of their main streets. At the end, he said, we’d find Cudgen Creek, which would be more welcoming than the beach was that day.

Tips like this are not to be ignored, so off we went, stopping in at a couple of shops along the way.

As luck would have it, we found a couple of interesting doors too:

a Taverna

It was still a bit early for dinner, and I think we were all still full from lunch, otherwise I might’ve been tempted to stop in for a bite. The door of the next place was all shut tight, though. No matter – closed doors are easier to photograph, anyway.

a Salt Mill

Heading back to Brisbane at the end of the day, there was easy consensus that we should stop by Yatala Pies for dinner. Yatala is famous for its pies. You will get many frowns if you’re a local and confess that you’ve never eaten a Yatala pie.

As a bonus, they also have pretty doors:

a Yatala

A couple of rainbow lorikeets on the door on the left. I’m not so sure about the other side, though. I would’ve guessed rosellas because of the red, but that’s probably wrong…

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