Thursday Doors – miscellany

I know, I know, it’s been a while since my last Thursday Doors post, hasn’t it? I have no idea how that happened. In the meanwhile, I’ve still been looking for doors, still been keeping an eye out for interesting finds, still been browsing other TD posts by regular participants.

It was only last week I thought to check how long it’s been since my last TD post, and realised it’s been several months… 

I’ve had the following photos sitting around for an even longer time, patiently waiting for their turn to be published. I think I’ve been keeping them in reserve until I had a more cohesive collection – I was waiting for some sort of connecting thread between them and any other doors I could find – but I suppose they can just be connected by their lack of connection (?)

First up is a photo I took on one of my first doorscursions. It is one of the entrances to Brisbane City Hall, which also houses the Museum of Brisbane.

b City Hall

Not far from city hall is Central Station. On the way, you might pass this little shack.

b White washed

I believe it belongs to a pizza place, but I’ve never gotten around to visiting while they’re open. I was going to wait until I’d gone before posting the photo of their door, but maybe posting the photo will serve as an extra prompt to go visit…?

Another door now of another place I haven’t been to:

b Cafe

This one belongs to a little suburban cafe near my friends’ place. It’s somewhere between their train station and their house, but of the few times I’ve been past, it hasn’t been open, so, like the one above, I figured I might as well stop waiting till I visit before posting the photo…

And in case I’ve given the impression that places in Brisbane aren’t open very much (or that I’m always out at very odd hours of the day when things aren’t open yet), here is one from a cafe I have been to:


It’s near my old high school, and I was there one time a year or two ago to catch up with some friends I used to go to school with.

I think this must’ve been an old door that was salvaged and painted because the handle is in the middle of the door, and the only doors I’ve seen with handles in the middle are ones that are old. To me, it looks odd, but I couldn’t pass up a chance to add another bright red door to my TD collection.

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11 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – miscellany

  1. Welcome back! Thanks for sharing these with us.They’re all lovely but that last red one with the handle in the center is my favourite – great shots 🙂

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