Thursday Doors – trap doors

When I walk to and from my usual bus station, I pass through suburban streets, and pass under the freeway/busway. Here is a photo of the portion of the walk that is sheltered by the freeway/busway:


Since I catch the bus 99% of the time when I go to work, and probably the majority of the time when I go out on the week-end, I’ve walked that route on most days for the last six months. It was a bit surprising then, when I noticed something I’d never noticed before while walking this very same route the other day.

Perhaps it’s because this was one of those rare occasions that I was returning home while the sun was still up, so I had light by which to notice it. Perhaps in the morning I’m always too much in a rush to really take note of anything. Whatever the reason, on that particular day, I happened to look up and see this:


My first thought when I noticed these was, “they have hinges, so they must be doors”. And then, “why?” (So many “whys”…)

I think the mind likes having reasons and explanations for things, so, of course, my mind immediately started coming up with theories about what these trap-door-like things could be for. But I just ended up with more questions:

Are they just random hatches left-over from when it was constructed? Why would they need these doors when they were constructing it? Why didn’t they need it for the other bridge/overpass thing?

Is there electrical work or something that runs through there for some reason, and they access it through these random trap-doors? Why are there no handles? How do they open?

Maybe it’s some kind of escape route in case something happens on the freeway? But why are they so weirdly placed and so close together? And why would there by some random trapdoors on the freeway? Who would notice them there?

Why are the hinges not all on the same side for all the doors???

I even went to have a look at the underside of a separate part of the freeway/busway (that runs over the route I used to frequent before I moved) and … I found no doors, and no answers.

Well, in case this was all a bit underwhelming, here are some more normal local doors that I’d been meaning to post for several months and never got around to it…


The reflection of the yellow car in the glass was unintentional, and now I can’t decide if I like it or not.

Both of these photos are from a local Thai restaurant. The top is, of course, the external door. The one below is of the entrance to the kitchens.


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11 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – trap doors

  1. You posed some intriguing questions. And I like the car in the reflection, but it looks like there is a stained glass window that would be worth another photo. You can not have too many pictures of doors. IMHO

    • Well, the restaurant the door leads into was quite good, so I’m sure I’ll be back for another visit in the near future, and I’ll be sure to take another photo of their door 🙂

  2. Normally those trapdoors would be to access utility connections in the bridge structures; or if you let your imagination run wild, maybe it the doors for the bridge troll. For your other doors, I like your green door with the car reflection in it.

  3. I’m only guessing here but perhaps those trap doors give access to drainage pipes or wiring. It looks like they’re screwed shut.
    Nice find though. It’s amazing what we can notice at times 🙂

    • Yeah, it does look like they’re screwed shut, suggesting they aren’t used any more (?)
      Indeed! Sometimes we just need to pay a bit of attention to discover something new

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