no metaphorical rain today

Today has been unexpectedly very productive. This is probably an insignificant post in the grand scheme of things, but I don’t think I’ve had such a productive non-work day in so long, so in my books it’s worth recording. Didn’t plan on writing this post, though, so it’s kind of more stream-of-consciousness than usual.

Anyway, I didn’t get to bed until about 1am last night, so I didn’t bother setting an alarm, deciding that I should allow myself a sleep-in (it’s Sunday, after all). I woke up at some point in the morning to the sound of really heavy rain outside …and then I went back to sleep.

After an indeterminate amount of time, I woke up again, to the sound of more rain. Well, I mean, it was probably the same rain – I don’t think it stopped at all. This time I checked the time on my phone, and it was somewhere near 9:30am.

I started thinking about getting out of bed.

More accurately, I started thinking about what I needed to do today that would necessitate getting out of bed. For starters, I was quite hungry; I would need to eat. I had done groceries and laundry the previous night (that was a smart move, if I may say so myself) so there weren’t too many things left on the list, but there were a number of things I’d been putting off or hadn’t had a chance to address yet.

Unfortunately, most of the things still on the list required me to leave the house, and I did not like the idea of leaving the house while it was raining (I was still struggling with leaving my bed at this point).

But, as I have realised time and time again, the first step is usually the hardest. And it doesn’t really matter what the step is part of, because all first steps can be hard. My first step to getting things done today was leaving the house. Once I left the house, though, everything was fine.

Yes, I was lying in bed for yet another indeterminate amount of time after I woke up and checked the time, but I got up eventually. I brushed my teeth, had breakfast – all the usual morning stuff – then I got in the car and left.

I went to the bus stop, caught a bus into the city, and ticked off things I didn’t even think about when I got up this morning. The main purpose for my trip was to buy a dress that I could wear to a friend’s wedding next week-end, to a bridal shower next month, and also my high school reunion sometime between the other two. (Yes, one dress for three occasions – I’m not someone to wear a dress just once. I’m also not someone to care if people see me in the same dress multiple times.)

Other things I accomplished on my trip:

  • Bought a gift for my friend’s bridal shower
  • Used my bonus Dymocks points to buy another philosophical text (they didn’t have the novel I wanted, so I went with my second option)
  • Bought a new water bottle (it was on sale… Besides, the one I use currently leaks a bit – I think the seal at the top isn’t as good as it used to be)

And all of this was done before lunchtime! This is a big deal because (1) I don’t like shopping and (2) I sometimes spend way too long in book shops. And let’s not forget (3) it was still raining pretty much the whole time. I’d hoped that the rain would keep everyone away, but it seemed like a lot of other people were hoping the same thing…

Anyway, I made it home for lunch, and I had a bit of time to relax, and read blogs and emails. It wasn’t even 3pm yet when I decided to go visit my parents.

Since it’s been raining a lot lately, I figured my mum might like a lift to the supermarket. Grocery shopping is the best kind of shopping in my opinion, so I did this gladly. I also fuelled up my car on the way over. (More things done!)

Once back home, we still had time before dinner, so I worked on my GlycoLeap article. (I can’t link to the actual article because it’s still waiting for editor approval before being published.) That was one of the things I’d been really behind on, but it felt good to get that off the list.

And now I’ve got this post written up too!

I really do want to try to write more – either here or other avenues. I tend to feel quite “off” or not quite right if I haven’t been for a run in a long time, and I suppose it’s the same for writing. I haven’t been feeling quite right lately, and it might be because I haven’t had a chance to write as much.

I went for a run last Tuesday night and Friday night, and both times I felt so much better – so much more energised and less exhausted – compared to how I felt pre-run.

It’s just after 9pm now, but that means I still have time to do more things before bed. A bit of meal prep for tomorrow, and a bit of reading, I reckon, and I’ll be ready to call it a day.

Things I (re)learnt from today: rain is a poor excuse to not do something or not go somewhere; a late sleep-in doesn’t mean you can’t get anything/much done that day; the first step is almost always the hardest.

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