Thursday Doors – Otaru (part 3)

So I know I’ve already gone back to Tokyo in my post earlier this week, but I’ve got unfinished business in Otaru, so we’re heading back to Japan’s north island for this instalment of Thursday Doors. Actually just a quick post this time because, between my never-ending struggle to improve my sleeping habits (i.e. to sleep earlier) and my other writing commitments, I’m gonna have to pare down my blogging time a little. Just a little.

If you’ve been following my Japan posts, or even just my TD posts about doors in Japan, you’ll probably know that I really like snow. With that in mind, here are some doors + snow: 

snowed in

My friends and I passed this place (above) on a random street in Otaru while searching, I believe, for a particular ice-cream shop. (It’s never too cold to have ice-cream!)

The door is a bit plain, yes, but I couldn’t resist taking a photo of it just because there was so much snow in front of it. I suppose this door doesn’t get used very often. It might just be storage or something for an adjacent building, which I don’t think I have a photo of, so I guess you can see where my priorities are…

I was actually going to include this next one in my Snow Light Path post, but I had too many photos I wanted to include in that one; and then I noticed that this photo has a door, so it got reassigned to this post instead.


The snow sculpture also kind of has a doorway/entrance, so that counts too, right?

This photo was taken inside the courtyard of the tourist information centre, which is located right near Otaru Canal. The sun was still setting when we got there, so they’d only just lit the candles. The courtyard is right in the middle of the building, surrounded on all four sides by stone walls (with doors, of course).

Having seen the door in the first photo, I remember wondering how they go about shovelling all the excess snow from the courtyard… I suppose they’d have to just take it in wheelbarrows or something, through the building, to the actual “outside” of the building (?) Whatever they did, it was quite neat (just ignoring all those footprints in the snow).

Yeah, ok, those first two were more about the things around the door than the actual door itself, but I’ve got another door to round out this post. Still plenty of snow, but the door is alright too.


This door actually belongs to a bar (which serves Otaru Beer, no doubt). As I learnt in Sapporo, it’s usually the bars and clubs that have the most interesting doors.

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