Thursday Doors – Asahikawa

Just a short one this time.

Asahikawa is a small town in Hokkaido, Japan. My friend and I did a day trip there when we were in Japan earlier this year. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to properly explore the town, so I didn’t get many door photos. Still, I’m quite pleased with the ones I did find.

This is one I took on the way back to the train station after we attended the Winter Festival:


I actually stood in the middle of the road to take this photo. Good thing there were no cars around. Well, actually, there was one car approaching. Its headlights actually helped illuminate the shot.

I also just realised that, in the reflection in the window between the two doors, you can see the arches of light that was featured in a previous post (I’m pretty sure there’s a technical name for those arches, lined up in a row, but I just can’t think of it right now…)

Oh well. Here’s another door:

Door 2

Not sure where this door leads… You’d think a business would put a sign outside, right? Maybe someone lives here? Maybe it’s a secret club/society headquarters? There is a light on inside (actually didn’t notice that until I looked at the photo again), and their outside lights are on as if they’re expecting someone…

If I’m ever back in Asahikawa during the daytime, I’ll have to find this door again (I’m not game enough to go knocking on random doors late at night, even if it’s a reasonably safe little town in northern Japan. This will have to be a daytime adventure)

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7 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Asahikawa

  1. The lights in the window do add a lil somethin-somethin, especially with the headlights. I like the bleak look of the unmarked door, and of course, all the snow 🙂

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