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So I realised that the vast majority of my posts in the last few months have been about my trip to Japan, or about books that I’ve been reading, or about rather deep things. It’s like I’m kind of cycling through these three themes, so I thought I’d break it up a little with something different. Today I want to share with you the music of Years & Years.

I’m actually surprised that I haven’t written a post about their music before. I’ve been listening to their Communion album a lot since since mid to late last year. (To be perfectly honest, I don’t listen exclusively to their album – it’s part of a playlist that I made last year, which also features The Script, Rudimental, Jess Glynne, Savage Garden, and Maroon 5. I listen to this one playlist most of the time I’m on my computer (i.e. almost every day). At the end of last year, this playlist would’ve had fewer than 60 songs, but all 13 of the songs from Communion are on the list.)

The first song I knew from Years & Years was King. I thought the song was great – something completely new – and I really liked the MV as well, but it was a long time before I explored the rest of their discography. Not entirely sure what prompted this, but I was probably on Youtube for something else, and probably ended up on King because Youtube “suggested” it after whatever else I was watching/listening to. And, as we all know, you don’t just stop at one related video. Well, I don’t, anyway. I watched one video after another, listened to one song after another.

I’m not entirely sure what drew me to their music. It’s kind of like electro-pop (?) but not like what I’ve heard before (not that I listen to a lot of electro-pop…) Everything about this band and their music is a bit different (in a good way).

Now, I’ll admit that I don’t always know what the lyrics are all about, but it’s not hard to get the gist of it, and their music certainly evokes a lot of emotion regardless. It’s kind of like how I am with The Script: their music can really influence how I feel, and, depending on the song, can really quell or expand certain feelings. (But it’s usually very obvious what the lyrics of a Script song are about.)

For example, Without and Memo are more mellow, more sad. If I’m already feeling sad, I might avoid these songs (but if I’m feeling sad and can still listen to these songs without feeling worse, I know I’m doing ok). On the other hand, songs like Real and Worship and Gold are more upbeat, and they’re good for times when I need some energy. I particularly like Gold – it’s become one of my favourites even though I didn’t instantly like it the first time I heard it.

Other songs that I can listen to practically any time at all are Eyes Shut and Border. These songs circulate in my head a lot too. I suppose they’re kind of comforting and uplifting at the same time, and are naturally two of my favourites from the album.

But, really, I probably have too many favourites, so I don’t know if it really counts for anything anyway. I mean, I like the whole album.

Actually, there is one stand-out favourite – one song that I’m sure I’ve listened to more than the rest of them. Shine makes me feel good in a similar way that Science & Faith (by The Script) makes me feel good. I’m sure it was one of the first Years & Years songs I discovered after King, and it’s one that I just kept going back to (and still do).


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