Thursday Doors – the streets of Sapporo

I’m sad that this will probably be the last of my Sapporo posts, but I’m also pretty excited about sharing all these photos. Sapporo is a wonderful city (I think so, anyway), and it was delightful to explore and wander through the city’s streets (even if my snow boots were starting to give me a bit of pain…) 

0 street

You can kind of see that it’s snowing in this photo (taken in Susukino, Sapporo). (I frickin’ love snow!)

As mentioned in a previous post, my friend and I stayed in the Susukino area, which is supposed to be the red light district. As it turns out, Susukino also had some pretty impressive doors. I suppose bars and clubs do tend to have interesting entrances to give an impression that the inside is also interesting (?)

1 Fox

For some reason, we found a lot of British pubs around Japan. Hmm, it’s only as I’m writing this post that I realised that what I thought were just windows/panels on either side of the big wooden door are actually doors too…

Well, I didn’t really mind where the doors were leading in to – I just wanted photos of the doors. And good thing all these bars/clubs are closed during the day! It meant I could get these shots while the doors were closed, and without having to wait for people walking in and out. The things you start appreciating after participating in Thursday Doors for a while, hey?

2 door

You can kind of see someone’s reflection in the door windows panes. He was delivering the boxes you see in the photo, and must’ve been working up a sweat because he wasn’t even wearing a coat.

But nighttime door hunting was good too. I found this next one on the same street that they had the ice sculptures for the Snow Festival. Even while admiring the intricate sculptures, I still kept an eye out for interesting doors!

3 night door

And there’s obviously more to Susukino (and Sapporo) than bars and clubs. However, doors for restaurants, cafes and shops, tended to be more humble. I really liked the entrance of this fugu shop though (fugu is puffer fish)

5 fugu

I can’t remember if someone’s already explained to me what those straw cone things are, but, either way, I’ve forgotten now, so if you do know, please (re)enlighten me! Are they sheltering plants or something? I vaguely remember learning that people wrap trees in straw to protect them from frost…

Part of me did want to try eating fugu because it is renowned for being so difficult to prepare (Japanese chefs spend years training to be qualified to prepare and serve fugu), but I decided against it in the end because (1) I don’t think my palate is sensitive enough to distinguish and hence appreciate the difference between fugu and other fish, (2) it was early morning when I walked past for this photo, so the place was closed anyway, and (3) KF wasn’t too keen on me risking my life for this fish, considering we still had most of the trip left to go (and more doors to see!)

4 exit

If we did find the entrance to this place, it mustn’t have been as interesting as the exit because I did not take a photo of it

In this final photo, below, I realise it’s a bit hard to see the door, but I wanted to include it because I like the little green box on the left / in the foreground. I think it’s for newspapers, and technically that has a door too, right? Also, for some reason, I just really like seeing smaller buildings nestled amongst ones that are so much bigger.

6 street

Isn’t it quaint? Sapporo is such a lovely city in winter!

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9 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – the streets of Sapporo

  1. I love the door in the 2nd last photo. Such a shame that they put a sign on it – in english too!! The window beside it and the textured wall complement it well!

  2. Great post. I really love those dark wooden pub doors – not something one expects to find in Japan.
    As for the Fugu, good decision. I’d say it’s probably best to save the potentially fatal meals for the last day of a trip, if at all 😉

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