Thursday Doors – Sapporo Shiryokan

The Sapporo Shiryokan, also known as the Former Court of Appeals, sits at the western-most end of Odori Park. Amidst explorations of the Sapporo Snow Festival, I took a moment to stop and admire this regal building and its neat gardens.

From what I gather from this website, it’s now used as an art gallery and museum of sorts. (Side note: it’s so weird seeing a photo of the gardens (on the website) with so much colour, and none of that snow it was buried under when I was there!)

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to spare to go inside (kind of a long story, but basically I wanted to spend more time at the actual Snow Festival; my friend KF was already resting back at the hotel at this point). To be honest, I was also a little bit put off by the fact that you had to take your shoes off to enter (snow boots are not easy to take off / put on! (or I’m just lazy…))

Nevertheless, I was perfectly content with admiring it from the outside. I particularly like how the snow just sits so neatly on everything…

…including these neatly trimmed trees:

I particularly like the little cylinder of snow on the tree on the far left. Positively adorable.

And I probably spent as much time admiring these icicles hanging from the eaves as I did admiring the building itself. Can you tell that I really like winter?

But, of course, we’re here for the doors, right? When I saw this building, even at a distance, I knew it’d have photo-worthy doors. Buildings like these usually do.

Looking at this photo now, I wonder if I really should’ve gone in – there were probably some beautiful doors inside too. Oh well, I found plenty more interesting doors in Sapporo, and all over Hokkaido anyway. So many more posts to do..!

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8 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Sapporo Shiryokan

  1. Icicle shots are a lot of fun. Those are in fact very worthy doors. I’d like to think that as long as my energy level was up to it, I probably would have gone in, but it’s not always an easy call, especially when you have to fuss with taking off boots.
    Lovely post 🙂

  2. I like winter, too, although now that it’s over and the snow is long gone, I’m ready to get into spring full-time! I agree that it’s great to find wonderful doors on buildings like this and not discover that they’ve been replaced by something utilitarian and boring.


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