Thursday Doors – soup curry

Just as I was lucky to have a friend who’s living in Tokyo (temporarily while completing studies), I was also lucky to have a friend who’s living in Sapporo (temporarily, to teach). Yeah, Japan’s a pretty popular destination for Aussies (for all sorts of things – not just holidays).

My friend in Sapporo kindly took KF and I out for dinner the first night we were there. And on a cold winter’s day, what better to have than soup curry? This is where we went: 

This place was near impossible to find (again, my navigation skills are probably a bit lacking) but well worth the random trek around town. And don’t you just love the character in that door?

The interior was much the same: homely but very interesting. Made me think of the Weasley residence.

This door’s actually pretty small (even at my modest/average height, it only comes to about shoulder height), and is probably just a broom closet or something; but the comical size and neat panels meant I just had to take a photo. (However, this broom closet (if that’s what it is), is on the top floor, right at the top of the stairs – not under the stairs.)

And just because deep-fried broccoli is delicious (as is cheese mochi) here’s a photo of my meal:

It’s quite a good system, whereby you choose how much rice you want, how spicey you want the curry to be, and what toppings / add-ons you’d like. There’s something to keep everyone happy.

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