water under the bridge

I’m gonna take an ever so brief break from these Japan/holiday posts. I’ve already got a Tokyo-themed Thursday Doors post scheduled for this week (i.e. tomorrow), so I really do mean brief.

I really would have liked to have written and published this post on Monday night, but I suppose the universe had other plans. I ended up staying back at work until 9pm. And that was from a 7am start after no more than five hours of sleep the night before. Subtracting my lunch break, that’s a 13-hour day.

Longest. Day. Ever.

But I got through it thanks to the miracle that is coffee, and also chocolate. Oh, and the efforts of my team.

Anyway, Tuesday was, surprisingly, considerably better than Monday, so I attempted to get this post done last night, but trying to do anything while severely sleep-deprived is not a good idea. (Monday and Tuesday were only separated by another five hours of sleep.) But today was better still, and I’m determined to get this post done without further delay. Unfortunately, my self-imposed bedtime is imminent, so this will have to be quick.


I managed to get a photo just as the lights illuminated the stadium. What good timing

Adele is currently touring Australia, and I had the good fortune of attending her show on Sunday night. As far as I know, most concerts in Brisbane are held at the Entertainment Centre, Suncorp Stadium, or River Stage (and, of course, a number of smaller venues around the city). I’d never heard of one being held at the Gabba before, but it’s actually on the right side of town for me, so I wasn’t complaining.

And, damn, they did well. As you can see, the stage was set up in the middle of the field, and the whole place was packed. She was originally only going to do one show here (on Saturday night), but apparently the demand was that great that a second night was booked. And thank goodness for that because I wouldn’t have been able to go otherwise.

I have previously thought, on more than one occasion, that I might be past my concert-going days, but when a friend of mine asked (last year) if I wanted to go to Adele’s concert, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. Maybe I wouldn’t have gone of my own accord (not like how I was with The Script, Maroon 5, or Rudimental / Jess Glynne, where I was dead-set on going), but there isn’t an Adele song that I don’t like, so I didn’t really have a reason to say no.

Yeah, sure, maybe the tickets were a bit expensive, but “live rich, not die rich”, right?

I’m finding it hard to pick just one highlight from the concert. I particularly like Someone like you (which she finished on), and Set fire to the rain (during which there were pretty spectacular fireworks), and Send my love (which she got us out of our seats for, admitting that it was probably one of the least “miserable” of her songs, and hence more dance-able), but actually the songs I really liked on the night were Skyfall (probably my most listened-to Adele song), Water under the bridge, and When we were young (two songs that I’m not even sure I’d listened to in full before the concert…)

To be honest, I was a little disappointed that she didn’t include Turning tables in her set list, but I suppose there’s always next time… maybe… And, yeah, there are probably videos on YouTube or wherever of live performances, but it’s not quite the same.

One last thing I really want to mention, though, is that Adele herself was really lovely …and frickin’ hilarious. I think there’s already a video doing the rounds of her being “attacked” by a mosquito during the concert. Luckily, it was while she was just chatting to us, and not in the middle of a song (although she admitted that she just kept thinking about it all through Skyfall).

But, I dunno, the way she talked just made it feel like she was a real person like any one of us. And even though you might know it’s not 100% true, it’s still heart-warming in some way, isn’t it?

To round out this post, I just want to give a quick kudos to whoever started that pre-show Mexican wave that lasted at least four or five laps around the stadium. I bet they were pretty chuffed when Adele told us that anecdote about how she once started a Mexican wave at a Spice Girls concert.

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