Thursday Doors – home

Today is Australia Day. I’ve actually scheduled this post ahead of time because I’m expecting to be a bit busy that day (i.e. today). Not working though (surprisingly). I’ll be moving house soon, so I have to pack and make preparations and all that. Also need to think about packing for my upcoming holiday. It’s kind of weird trying to move house and go on holiday at the same time…

Anyway, all that’s probably something for another post (or several posts, depending on how well/badly that goes… The moving house part, of course. The holiday part is probably going to get more posts than anyone’d care to read, regardless of how well/badly it goes.) 

Australia, and Brisbane specifically, has been my home my whole life, so I thought that, on this day, which just so happens to be a Thursday, I could share a door from the house that has been my home all these years:


I’m not sure if I’d say this is my favourite door in the house, but it’s certainly the one with the most character. It’s the back entrance to the garage/laundry/storage under the house (we just refer to the space as “downstairs”). And, yes, it’s seen better days. When it was somewhere between this and its original condition (many years ago), I used to try to spot shapes/images in the peeling paint – kind of like what people do when cloud-gazing. Simple pleasures, right?

These days, when I contemplate this door, I’m surprised that no one has come to kick it down and steal stuff …but I suppose there’s not much worth stealing that would also be easy to steal. I mean, you’d have to spend quite some time clearing a passage for the washing machine (possibly the most expensive single item in there?) before even thinking of moving it anywhere. Anything else probably wouldn’t be missed (except maybe my bike – please don’t take that).

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