Thursday Doors – wandering

Feels like it’s been a long time since my last Thursday Doors post, and January and February are looking like they’ll be busy months, so I thought I’d get in quick with a short post.

My favourite colour is actually orange, but I like colour in general, particularly bright, bold colours. As such, I didn’t even try to suppress the smile that spread across my face when I found this shipping-container-esque stall and its shiny blue doors


Just unobtrusively parked in front of a hotel entrance…

I found it along Roma Street (inner Brisbane) one day when I was, coincidentally, wandering around aimlessly. I also thought, because of its name, this would be a good one to start off the new year.

I haven’t yet returned to find out what they do/sell when open, but I would guess street food or coffee or something along those lines. Actually, maybe it’s not even there any more…

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