At the end of last year, I wrote a post about my 2015 goals, and how I did reasonably well with them, and about what I wanted to carry over to, or aim for, in 2016. You can go and find that post if you want, but I’m not linking to it from this post because I realised that I didn’t really try very hard at these “goals” this year.

Well, for one, I only read one of the four books I’d assigned myself. I also have not been able to surpass a five-minute plank.

Umm, ok, they were the main two, I suppose. I actually got majorly side-tracked with other books, particularly recommendations from others. At least I still managed to read one of the books I’d intended to (David Copperfield). I fully intend to read Anna Karenina in the first half of 2017.

Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever set myself a reading list before, and maybe that’s where I went wrong. I am too easily tempted by other books to be able to stick to a reading list, so there’ll be none of that next year. But, seriously, I will read Anna Karenina next year, even if it’s the only book I read (which it won’t be because I already have a book picked out and reserved for my Japan trip next year).

And maybe I didn’t improve on my planking from last year, but I’m no less fit – or am I? I dunno. Who’s counting, anyway? I improved on other things: twenty push-ups (on my toes) in one set is no longer a big deal (unless it’s in the middle of a boxing class and we’ve already done a heck of a lot of upper body stuff…)

Besides, there have been a lot of other good things this year. I know a lot of people didn’t really enjoy 2016, and a lot of major things have happened, but I reckon I’ll remember 2016 as a good year – at least on par with 2015 (or maybe better? That’s a bit of a tough call, though…) I did take slightly more time off work than I did in 2015 (?) I think I did, anyway. At least I actually went somewhere with my holidays this time. That’s a plus, right?

Hmm.. I don’t really want to spend too much time contemplating and reflecting here. I think I did enough of that throughout the year, and it’s a little bit overwhelming to delve too far into it again. Suffice to say that, thinking back on 2016, I feel kind of sad – sad about certain things that have happened, but also sad that the year is coming to a close. But, you know, it’s not really an end; time is a continuous variable; one year flows into the next.

(Reading Jane Eyre these last few weeks, I’ve discovered that Charlotte Bronte was rather liberal with colons and semi-colons, so you must please excuse me if I randomly start using lots of these in my own writing. It’s generally a good indication that I’m enjoying a book if the writing style seeps, subconsciously or otherwise, into my own.)


3 thoughts on “sixteen

  1. I’d say 5 minutes is more than enough for planking. I don’t think I ever got past a minute before I binned it from my workout completely because it’s so horrible it became the reason I was skipping workouts, which probably says more about me than anything else. But five minutes is very impressive. Maybe I’ll make ‘putting the plank’ back in to my workouts as my 2017 goal…

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