Thursday Doors – local coffee

There’s a cafe in one of the parks I run through on week-ends. I think I’ve only ever seen it open and operating once because I generally prefer to run in the late afternoon / early evening (for various reasons, not least of which is sleeping in), and cafes don’t tend to stay open that late on week-ends (particularly suburban ones).

When they are closed and dormant, it’s not easy to distinguish where the door is (especially if you’re just running past, and mostly trying to just keep running) but I happened to notice it one time (after having passed it many, many times) 


I’m still yet to actually go there, but maybe I will one day. There’s a soccer field directly across from it, and I suppose that verandah would be a handy vantage point. Otherwise, I’m sure it’s excellent for general people-watching too.

And on the theme of local cafes, there’s a new(-ish) one, walking distance from the above, called Snag & Brown (because they specialise in sausages and hash-browns). When I visited a while ago (more like several weeks (or months?) ago), I didn’t get a snap of their front entrance, but I found this neat little arrangement to be quite aesthetically pleasing:


I think the pot plant hasn’t had its morning coffee…

It’s a nice place – used to be a house before it was a restaurant before it was the cafe it is now. Have been meaning to go back, but… no time! Also, should probably be a bit more mindful of my cholesterol levels…

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