’twas the month before Christmas

It’s not even December yet, and the major TV networks have started broadcasting Christmas-themed shows and movies. Well, to be fair, it probably starts – at least – by about this time every year. The shopping malls, etc all had their Christmas decorations up weeks ago, so I suppose TV isn’t really the first to the party anyway.

I only had a half-day at work yesterday, finishing up at midday. I stayed back to have lunch, and went down to the cafeteria to put up more posters for The Compliment Project. I was quite chuffed to see that, of the two I’d put up on Monday, one had had all the tags taken (or I assume so, anyway, since the poster itself was no longer there) and the other had most of the tags taken. There’s also been a good response at my pharmacy (I’d put one up in the staff tearoom) but the one I’m most pleased with is the one I put on my local community noticeboard: 


I’d put it up one night on my way back home from work. Having never really paid attention to it, I didn’t realise the board was wood, and not cork (kind of makes sense though, since it’s outdoors, exposed to the elements). I’d only brought a basic office stapler with me to affix my poster, so it was kind of flimsily attached. When I’d returned a few nights later, not only was I delighted to see that all the tags had been taken, but it really made me smile to see that someone had reattached the poster on with tape. Faith in humanity, right?

And it warms my heart to think of what joy might have been spread by doing something as simple as putting up a poster. I hope people took compliments for themselves, but also for others (perhaps even total strangers).

Anyway, after I left work yesterday, I went to do some Christmas shopping. Actually, I only needed to buy one gift – for “Secret Santa”. Well, ok, I didn’t actually go shopping directly. First, I stopped by Coffee Anthology (by which I mean I walked out of my way to go there) to have a coffee. I didn’t need a coffee, but they do such good coffee, and have such good service, and I’m rarely in the city when they’re open… Besides, I needed some thinking/strategising time. (A few of you might remember that post I wrote about why I don’t like shopping.)

I won’t bore you (or myself) with details, but almost three hours later, I finally found what I figured was a reasonably thoughtful gift for my “Secret Santa” person, plus a bonus gift for someone else, and headed home. (Cannot reveal what said presents are for obvious reasons.) It wasn’t an overly exhausting afternoon, but after dinner I kind of just sat in front of the TV and, of course, because it’s only a month until Christmas, Love Actually was on.

Honestly, the main reason I watched it was because I really couldn’t remember if I’ve seen it before, or if I’ve just watched the beginning (I know for sure I’ve seen part of the movie, just not how much of it). Now I’ve watched most of the first half (?) and the end, and kind of skipped the middle (because I went off to take a shower), so I still don’t really know, conclusively, if I’ve watched the entire movie…

Either way, I’m glad I was in a good mood for watching it (or most of it). I reckon if I was in a foul mood, I would’ve been rolling my eyes at all the cliched storylines (and probably would’ve switched the TV off very early). I do, however, like the sentiment about airports. I don’t fly much, and I don’t particularly like flying in general, but I like airports because of the whole idea of leaving home, coming home, going somewhere new, reuniting, saying goodbye, etc, etc.

And now that I’ve gotten this Christmas-y post out of my system, I hope to not write another Christmas-related post until at least this time next year. (I will, however, still merrily read Christmas posts on the blogs I follow.)

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