Thursday Doors – Bent Books

In my many years of blogging, I’ve kind of gotten the feeling that people who write blogs usually also like to read books. Right? Or it could just be the kind of blogs I tend to follow have given me this biased view.

Anyway, if you’ve visited my blog even semi-regularly, you’ve probably gotten the impression that I, too, like to read books. Consequently, I also like libraries and book shops, but I sometimes have to avoid these places because it is a real struggle sometimes to walk into a library or book store, and restrain myself from picking up every second book. (Don’t worry, I stay calm and composed mostly. The struggle happens internally.)

But, you know, sometimes browsing books shelves is kind of therapeutic and relaxing. And sometimes I just feel like looking at books for no reason other than … books.

A few weeks ago, I was walking around Brisbane’s West End with a friend, and we came across Bent Books.


This is just a side door. I mostly just like the bright colours, the fact that it has a letter slot, and the juxtaposition with the dark brick and graffiti next to it.

This is another one of those “iconic institutions” that people talk about when they talk about places you should visit in Brisbane, but is also one that I’d never visited before. So, of course, we had to go in for a quick look (or as quick a look as a book-lover can have in a yet-to-be-explored book shop).

Amazingly, if you go on their website, you can take a virtual tour of the store via Google Maps. Maybe I’m not very tech savvy (indeed, I’m really not) but I didn’t even know that Google Maps did virtual tours like that.

It’s not a really massive shop – rather, it’s quite small and homely (it was probably a former home) – but they have floor to ceiling shelves packed full of books of what seems to be almost every genre. What more could you ask for? A lovely little courtyard, perhaps? They have that too, and it links the main building with another, also full of books. My observant friend noticed that the shelves on one side of this adjacent building concealed a garage door (you know, one of those metal roller doors), and we realised that this space certainly must have been a garage/shed in a past life.

I’ve either developed a knack for finding “doors that open into nothing” / “doors that once opened into something but that thing has since been removed for some reason”, or perhaps there are just a lot of these sorts of doors around Brisbane, and I’ve only just started noticing them all. If you do go on the website and take the virtual tour, see if you can find where this floating door is:


They did alright trying to disguise it as a regular window, but it’s unmistakably a door (or was a door). Side note: wouldn’t it be lovely to just sit on that bench, with a cool breeze and gentle sunshine, and just read all day?

Bonus trivia: Remember that random mid-air door I found at the Powerhouse? I sent an email to their general enquiry email, and was kindly informed by the Precinct Director that it is actually an “air relief door”. If there is a fire in the Powerhouse theatre, the door opens to let fresh air in, and thus helps clear out any smoke. Truly fascinating. (Sorry if that sounds sarcastic. I swear I’m not being sarcastic.)

At some point between whenever they created that virtual tour thing and when I visited, the inner door to the annex was given a coat of chalk paint. On the day of our visit, they had what I thought was a very poignant and very true quote written on it:


[“The cure for anything is salt water… sweat, tears or the sea.” – Isak Dinesen] I actually really like the worn, weathered look of this yellow door. Just think of the stories you could tell about it! And the quote – so many potential stories in that too!

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11 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Bent Books

  1. “Therapeutic and relaxing” is spot on. I remember visiting a used book shop in Roma with amore on my first visit and he looked at me smiling and told me I looked like a child in a candy shop. 🙂 I’d love to visit this shop too.

  2. I have found some of my most treasured books in used bookstores. If there’s time, whenever I visit a new place, I try to visit shops like this and always walk out with some unexpected treasure.
    Great post 🙂

  3. Bookstores and libraries are two of my favorite places in the world, especially if the bookstores are secondhand stores. I’ve gotten most of my books in such places and at library sales. Love the colors of that first door. They’ll wake you up!


  4. Books, oh yes, I could read all day and I think I’d be very happy to go through that wonderfully zingy red,yellow, blue opener in Shot one to find some. What a fun door!

  5. Ah, yes, the bibliophiles agree, secondhand shops are where it’s at! I love that first door. Fun and cute and of course, just behind it — BOOKS! 🙂

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