Museum of Spent Time: a follow-up post

After the response I had about the door to the “Museum of Spent Time”, which featured in a Thursday Doors post back in September, I decided that I had to find out exactly what this place was.

When I first found this door, and read the accompanying sign, and peered at the figures in the window, my curiosity was definitely piqued. However, there were a few things that told me that this wasn’t an ordinary sort of museum. Firstly, the door faces into a small lane, which presumably doesn’t get a lot of traffic (vehicular, pedestrian or otherwise), so it seemed like an odd choice of location for a museum, assuming it was a museum that wanted to be found, and found by many.

Secondly, the sign is rather unassuming. I mean, it is eye-catching – the whole facade is eye-catching – but most galleries and museums I know have large signs to advertise the fact that they’re there. Similarly, there’s no sign anywhere near the entrance about opening hours. (I would later learn that the sign beside the door is not intended as an advertisement at all, but is, rather, more of a personal touch, like something one might put on a home.)

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