Thursday Doors – Burnett Lane

It seems that I’ve unknowingly developed quite a backlog of door photos, so I might actually manage to publish kind of regular Thursday Doors posts on top of my regular blogging.

This week’s location is Burnett Lane, located in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD. I read online that it’s Brisbane’s oldest laneway, and, back in the day, was a prison exercise yard. It was also the site of floggings and hangings. Back in the day.

These days, it seems it’s primarily used as a loading zone, with trucks and vans delivering various goods to shops with back doors along the lane. However, there are a few cafes, restaurants and bars that have found a home in Burnett Lane, and it makes for a nice little escape from the bustle of Queen Street Mall (which runs parallel to Burnett Lane).

A few weeks ago, on a Sunday afternoon when I was strolling through the City, I took a detour down part of Burnett Lane to see what sort of doors I could find. This was the first one that caught my eye:


So much character in a relatively simple door. And those worn bricks…

The door belongs to a bar called Super Whatnot. The white/yellow sign beside it says their maximum capacity is only about 60 people, and kindly suggests that you should stop reading the sign and just go in. Unfortunately, the bar was closed at the time, so I could not oblige, but I made a return visit one Friday, when I had the day off work. Turns out, it’s quite nice inside as well:


After a refreshing cocktail on what was an almost uncomfortably hot day (I suppose it is pretty much expected for this time of year here), I ventured down the remainder of Burnett Lane to see what else I could discover.

There’s a bit of street art along the lane, but there’s also a bit of history in the form of random information about James Charles Burnett, one of Queensland’s earliest surveyors, and after whom the lane is named (as well as the Burnett River and Burnett Region). As it so happened, one such quote was printed on a door:


The quote above the door states the cause of Burnett’s death was “an enthusiastic and almost reckless devotion to the trying duties of his profession.” Probably tuberculosis.

I’ve enjoyed studying and learning History since I was quite young because I think it’s important to understand the past (don’t they say that those who don’t understand the past are doomed to repeat it?) And maybe I no longer actively study History any more, but I still appreciate opportunities to learn bits and pieces where I can. Standing in Burnett Lane, admiring this homage to an important yet little-known historical figure, I felt a certain sense of reverence for Burnett.

When I eventually walked away from this tribute, thinking I had all I needed for a Thursday Doors post, the lane presented one more door that I just had to include:


The fact that it opens out into nothingness made me smile. Also makes me wonder how old this building is, and what sort of balcony or other structure used to be there, and why they got rid of it, and just so many other things…!

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3 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Burnett Lane

  1. Nice collection. I sure hope that last one is locked and/or blocked off from the inside or someone will eventually be in for an unpleasant surprise 😉

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