Thursday Doors – down the road

Just a quick one this time.

The other day (well, almost a fortnight ago now) I went for a run along my usual route through the parks near my place. Usually I run in the late afternoon when it’s not too hot (and also so that I’ve had sufficient digestion time since lunch), and the sun is usually on its way past the horizon by the time I’m heading home.

This time, however, it was still pretty bright out when I finished my run. I decided to take a scenic detour on my way home, and call it a “cool down walk”. My ulterior motive, of course, was door spotting.

There were plenty of aesthetically pleasing doors, or doors that suited their homes, but none that compelled me to stop and take a photo. By the time I came across the one that did make me stop and take a photo, I had gotten restless and started running again. It took a second for it to register in my mind, and I actually had to backtrack.


Not sure how clear it is in the photo, but this is actually an external door/gate, leading, presumably into a front garden. A door like this in a high, solid fence makes me wonder what the internal doors are like.

I also quite like the mosaic house number to the side. I’ve seen that done on one of those DIY shows on TV, so I’ve got a hunch that the resident(s) made it themselves. If you look closely, there are cables above the door and on the adjacent wall, where I assume they intend to install a light fixture or something. These seem like DIY people. They are quite possibly door enthusiasts too. I wonder if they made this door…

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4 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – down the road

  1. Love this door! And yes, the number in mosaic adds to the whole!
    How dd you come up with Pistachios making your theme? By the way, I love to snack on them!

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