last year (#3)

This year has been huge. I mean HUGE. And in a good way.

I almost forgot about my “last year” post series. Basically, around this time in 2014 and 2015, I wrote posts reflecting on what I would/wouldn’t change about my life if I had just one year left to live. I’m essentially contemplating how I’d like to spend my “last year” of life. My priorities didn’t seem to have changed much from 2014 to 2015, but this year’s post might be different…

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fun (x3)

Things that I learnt on Friday night:

  • Laser tag is still as much fun as it was five or so years ago (and always a great workout if you’re really gung-ho about it and run around like a crazy person)
  • Karaoke is more fun now than I remember it ever being (big groups (but not too big) and willing participation are key)
  • Bowling is still fun even if no one in your lane is coordinated (or sober) enough to be much good at it

Things I probably already knew, but were reinforced on Friday night:

  • My inner child is well and truly still alive
  • I work with some wickedly fun people
  • Good vibes from a good night last well beyond the next day

Injuries I’m pretty sure I sustained from laser tag:

  • Graze on right elbow
  • Bruise on left knee
  • Cut on bottom lip

(And I was still laughing the whole time)

Thursday Doors – unexplored territory

The last time that I participated in Thursday Doors (which was also the first time), I wrote that I wasn’t sure if I’d ever actively participate in it again …but it seems that I just couldn’t keep away. There aren’t many photos in this post, however (only two to be precise), because I haven’t had time (or haven’t made time?) to specifically go out in search of more doors. Also, I don’t instinctively think to take photos of things (but that might change…)

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forget me not

These last two weeks, I’ve been reading The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. I feel like people have been recommending Shadow to me for so long, it’s really about time I got around to it. But I’m only about 200 pages in, so no spoilers please.

Anyway, anyone who has read it, or knows anything about the work of Ruiz Zafón will know that Shadow is magnificently written, and full of beautifully poetic prose. If I spent all day trying to mark or note down every line I liked, it would take me forever to finish reading it. Since I haven’t been writing down notable quotes, I actually feel like I’m really powering through this. I mean, considering how slowly I usually read, this feels almost too fast; but it’s just such a page-turner, and maybe I’ve just been in more of a reading mindset lately (?)

All of that aside, there is one quote that I wanted to share:

“He would have liked to know that somebody wanted to keep him alive, that someone remembered him. He used to say that we exist as long as somebody remembers us.”
– Nuria Monfort, speaking of Julián Carax (Chapter 20)

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enough sleep

I reckon this year I’ve been struggling with getting “enough sleep” more than any other year since leaving uni. “Enough sleep”, I think, is rather arbitrary and subjective. Most nights I quite possibly only get 6 or 6.5 hours of sleep. I generally feel fine during the day; it’s just the initial waking up and getting out of bed that’s hard – really hard – but only on week-days… On week-days, waking up after 6.5 hours of sleep, it is the easiest thing to fall right back to sleep. On the week-end, however, without an alarm, I’ll wake up after about 6 hours of sleep, and I’ll be almost wide awake. It is quite annoying how that happens.

Believe it or not, I didn’t actually intend for this post to be about sleep. Well, to be fair, I don’t really know what I’d intended for this post to be about. Kind of just felt like I needed to write something – anything.

And here I am, not sleeping. It’s approaching 11pm; I probably should’ve gone to bed at least half an hour ago. I think this night owl business started somewhere in uni, and I just never readjusted. Maybe it started before then, but at least in high school I never really had to get up that early (thank-you 9:15am starts). These days, leaving the house by about 7am is normal. Back in high school, I’d probably only just be getting out of bed, or just brushing my teeth at 7am.

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