For the last week and a half, I have been away from home. I travelled down to Melbourne near the end of July, spent a few days in Launceston in early August, and returned to Melbourne for a few more days before coming home today. And now I feel like there’s so much I want to write about!

And not just about my travels and the places I went to – if anything, that’s the least of what I want to write about (well, maybe except for the Launceston part of my trip – it was my first time there, and it is an amazing place!) The trouble, as it is in these sorts of situations, is where to start…

So this post is sort of just a prelude or some sort of introduction to the posts that will follow. Just wanted to say that I’ve enjoyed my holidays immensely, and although I’ve only been gone for less than two weeks, it feels like I’ve been away for two months. And yet, coming home, it also feels like I never left.

Originally, the plan was just to go down to Melbourne for my cousin’s wedding (Aug 6), and I’d applied for extra time either side of it so that I could visit other family and just actually have a holiday (30 Jul – 9 Aug). Being in intermittent contact with a friend who recently moved to Launceston, I randomly thought it’d be nice to make a trip down there for a surprise visit, and actually see and talk to her again. After some deliberation and brief discussion with a few friends, I decided to go ahead with it, and I booked my plane tickets, car hire and accommodation in the week just before I was due to fly to Melbourne. So that’s how my Launceston detour (Aug 2-4) came about.

There was a lot of being around people, and a lot of being on my own. I met quite a lot of new people, but also tried to keep in contact with friends at home (if only to make them jealous that they were not also on holidays …and maybe also to show I miss them and was thinking of them, I suppose)

There was a lot of eating and drinking (maybe too much eating?) and a lot of ruminating and pondering (perhaps too much thinking also?)

But there’s too much to write about right now! I really just wanted to write this to say that I’m home at last 🙂


3 thoughts on “prelude

  1. Sometimes I think the best bit about going away is coming home. Just got back from my holiday too, and much as I enjoyed it, I’m pretty glad to be back. Admittedly I’m lucky enough to have a bit more time till I actually have to go back to work, so look forward to reading about all your adventures as I fill my remaining days of leisure in the blogosphere…

    • I suppose it’s a case of “absence makes the heart grow fonder”…? Always a good idea to add in some recovery days post-holiday!
      Btw, I don’t think your blog shows up on my WP Reader any more. Not sure why… When I visit your site, it says I’m already “following” it. Has anyone else had trouble? I might just try unfollowing and re-following

      • Not sure – It does feel that certain ‘regular’ visitors have disappeared recently but that could just be my paranoia creeping in… I’ll have a look at my ‘settings’ and see if there’s a problem. Not that I’ll have a clue what I’m looking for…

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