where did my winter go?

July isn’t even over yet, and the weather’s already warmed up so much. I went for a run the other night and felt like it was summer already. I’ve spent this last week lamenting the premature end of winter. Even in the early hours of the morning, or late at night, I can comfortably walk around outside without a second layer – just a t-shirt and jeans is enough.

Time to seek colder climates further south, perhaps?

It is only July, and I’m already dreading summer. If this is what July is like, how much are we going to suffer in December? I can’t believe there are people still walking around in coats and jumpers. Maybe they’re holding on to some last shred of hope, an illusion of winter.

Well, at least the coldest part of this winter was colder than any part of last winter…



8 thoughts on “where did my winter go?

  1. My neighbour said that apparently this happens every year and that by the first week of August, it’ll get cold again. I don’t really remember it but I guess we shall see. I agree though, I think I legit got sunburnt yesterday, in winter.

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