retail torture

I’ve never really liked shopping. Well, unless I’ve got something in particular that I need to buy (like, really need to buy) or if I’m buying gifts for friends – in those cases I don’t really mind because there’s a solid purpose. Casual shopping and retail therapy does not tend to work for me.

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where did my winter go?

July isn’t even over yet, and the weather’s already warmed up so much. I went for a run the other night and felt like it was summer already. I’ve spent this last week lamenting the premature end of winter. Even in the early hours of the morning, or late at night, I can comfortably walk around outside without a second layer – just a t-shirt and jeans is enough.

Time to seek colder climates further south, perhaps?

It is only July, and I’m already dreading summer. If this is what July is like, how much are we going to suffer in December? I can’t believe there are people still walking around in coats and jumpers. Maybe they’re holding on to some last shred of hope, an illusion of winter.

Well, at least the coldest part of this winter was colder than any part of last winter…



childhood dreams

During my childhood, I had many dreams and ambitions regarding my future career. Most of the time they weren’t lofty goals. Sometimes I think I must’ve been a rather impressionable kid because a lot of the things I wanted to be were inspired by people I saw on a regular basis. Of these, I distinctly remember phases of wanting to be a baker, a postie, bus driver, and librarian. Maybe the ones I encountered just always seemed cheerful or seemed as if they enjoyed their jobs…

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the kite runner

On Wednesday morning, I finished reading Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner while sitting in the tea room, waiting to start work (most of the time, I go to work really early so that I’m not starting the day in a rush). I did enjoy reading it, and thought it was quite an eye-opening sort of novel, but I don’t feel like it had as much impact as what I was expecting. To be fair, this was probably not entirely the fault of the book.

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Today I got up at 5am. I left the house at 6am, and was on my way to work before the sun was up above the horizon. The entire way there, I just kept thinking what a beautiful time of day it was.

There’s something tranquil about being out in the world at 6am on a winter’s day. There’s something beautifully tranquil about being awake that early, when you not only see but feel the world waking up around you.

And the sky… The many shades of pinks and purples that it transitions through before settling into that endless blue I’m so fond of…

This morning I realised that it’s not really that hard being awake so early. Waking up and getting out of bed is the hard part.

in the middle

It feels like it has been a very, very long time since I last wrote anything here. The post from last week was actually scheduled the week before, so I suppose it’s technically been about two weeks since I actually wrote anything here; and it actually does feel really weird – almost like I’ve neglected a good friend.

But I’m still here.

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