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I just realised that it’s been just over a year since I went to my first concert to see The Script. Last year, I went to two other concerts as well: Maroon 5 and Hozier. I enjoyed each of them for different reasons, and I’m not willing to choose a favourite (but, deep down, I feel like The Script would win).

Earlier this year I was lamenting the lack of good concerts for the year ahead. To be perfectly honest, I did think at one point that maybe it was a good thing, so that I wouldn’t go to concerts, and then I could save up money for other things. I’d basically resigned myself to that dreary but probably more sensible fate when, one day, listening to the radio, I heard an ad announcing that Rudimental were coming to Australia, and that Jess Glynne would be their support act.

I can’t remember what I was doing at the time (I was in my room, so probably reading or staring into space or something), but I stopped what I was doing and went online to check that this was true.

And, yes, it was true.

Let me just say that I do really like Rudimental, and I think their music is incredible, but if I’m going to be honest, which I must be, I was more excited that Jess Glynne was coming to Australia with them. This was late February when I found out, and I’m pretty sure that I bought my ticket that very same day.

In a sense, it was similar to when I went to see The Script because I didn’t really care who else was also going to go; I just knew that I had to go. A year on, and it seems that my attitude hasn’t changed much. Only this time, I bought my ticket over two months in advance. I can’t believe I waited until the week of the concert to buy tickets to see The Script…

A friend had previously told me that she’d once attended a concert primarily because of the support act, so I didn’t think it was that weird. I thought, yeah, I can do that too.

At the time when I heard the ad for the concert, I actually didn’t know a whole lot about Rudimental, and I didn’t know too many of their songs. From then until now, I actually spent a lot of time listening to their music, including some of their older songs, and watching their music videos and live performances. Let’s just say, I didn’t find anything I didn’t like.

And thank goodness that Jess Glynne made me go to their concert (she was absolutely lovely, by the way) because I don’t know if I would have gone otherwise. I mean, even knowing that their music is great, they’re not a band that I’ve listened to a lot, over several years, unlike The Script and Maroon 5, so I would’ve felt less inclined to make an effort to go and see them. (Sorry, that’s a really bad run-on sentence. I was going to make an excuse for it, but, really, I’m just too lazy to fix it.)

Rudimental were pretty intense. I felt kind of overstimulated, actually. They’re definitely a very high-energy act, and you feel like they go all-out for their performances. It was insane. And just the whole vibe of the crowd was incredible. Not to mention – wait for it – Anne-Marie made a special appearance for ‘Rumour mill’ and ‘Love ain’t just a word’ (two of my favourites) AND she performed her new song ‘Do it right’.

There’s something kind of odd I noticed since the concert, though. Not odd in a bad way, but still kind of funny. Rudimental have a song called ‘Never let you go’, and I actually really like it, and I reckon it’s got a cool MV and everything, but whenever I’d think of it, or whenever I saw the name of it somewhere (usually in YouTube’s suggested videos), I could not, for the life of me, think of what the song sounded like. I mean, I could picture the MV, but I couldn’t hear the music in my mind. Then I’d actually go and listen to it, and within ten seconds it would all come back to me.

Well, this never happened for their other songs, and I don’t know why it was this song in particular that couldn’t sit still in my mind, but after hearing Rudimental perform it live, it’s just been in and out of my head without any trouble at all. I suppose I’ve been cured…?

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