small disasters

Amongst all the time spent on introspection and analysing my own thoughts, I’ve noticed that I have this weird tendency to kind of randomly – and unintentionally – imagine small disasters. But then I thought, surely there’s nothing so weird that I can’t find other people somewhere in this big, wide world, who also experience the same thoughts. (Note how I’m saying “experience” the thoughts, since it’s not really a conscious thing, but more like something that just occurs.)

Ok, let me explain a bit. One of the more common scenarios in which this happens is in the simple, everyday act of drinking a glass of water. I will pick up said glass of water, and then, as I’m raising it to my lips to take a sip, my brain kind of just says to me, “Hey, imagine what would happen if we somehow lost grip of this cup, and it fell to the floor and shattered, and the water spilt everywhere.” And in that split second, I kind of visualise it happening, even though I know that it is very unlikely to happen (based on past experience of being able to successfully and uneventfully drink water from a glass).   Continue reading