obscure hobbies

Whenever I’m asked by someone what my hobbies are, my standard response is “reading and running”. If the person asking the question seems trustworthy and likeable and non-judgmental, I might also mention that I write (and then I’ll freak out about whether or not I should have just stuck to my standard response, and worry what to say if they ask what I write).  

Thinking about all this the other day, I realised that, depending on how you defined the word “hobby”, I actually have a lot of other hobbies. I reckon the two basic requirements of a hobby are (1) that it’s fun/enjoyable, and (2) that it’s something you do regularly. “Fun” is completely subjective, and “regular” could equate to once yearly, so I think we have a pretty broad definition here. Various definitions proffered by various online dictionaries also suggest that it should be something done in one’s free time, or leisure time, but I think this criteria is satisfied easily enough.

So, with this new thought bubble drifting through my mind, I decided to see where I could take it, and, before long, I had compiled this list of obscure or unconventional hobbies that I partake in:

  • Think about words that I like, and try to figure out if there’s a pattern or some sort of commonality between them
  • Mentally run through my repertoire of favourite songs to see how much of the lyrics I still remember (but I’ll admit this is a bit flawed, since I might not even realise that I’m remembering the lyrics incorrectly)
  • Contemplate all the things that are wrong with (my) life
  • Stare into space and just mentally switch off
  • Loiter at work for no discernible reason (other than just chatting)
  • Try to remember what dreams I had the night before
  • Try to remember what I ate for dinner last night (This was kind of carried over from a random mental exercise we did in primary school now and then. Not entirely sure there was a point except to fill up time…)
  • Watch music videos on YouTube (new, old, random and regular)
  • Write lists

There are probably plenty of other things, but I won’t bore you with them (also, I can’t think of them right now). And, since I still hold back from telling people that I write (which is a relatively “normal” hobby), I don’t think that any of these will be suitable additions to my standard response; so, umm, I guess I’ll stick with “reading and running”.

2 thoughts on “obscure hobbies

  1. I enjoy many of the same hobbies. I am particularly good at lists. 😛
    Have you seen the trend to journaling? People designing elaborate journals full of plans and progress? It looks addictive in a compulsory way…And I’m not trying it.

    • Haha sounds like not trying it (yet?) might be a good move. I actually haven’t heard about this trend, but I’m a bit afraid to look into it too much. I mean, with all these other hobbies, I don’t know where I’d find the time for another one!

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