Although you might be afraid of being vulnerable
Although you know that they will leave, or that it won’t last
Even if there’s a chance they won’t reciprocate your sentiments (at all, or to the same extent)

If it would hurt more to shut them out than to let them in
If you know it would make you happy to make them happy
If you love them at all

Love regardless

“Love regardless” is, I suppose, in a manner of speaking, one of my life mantras or mottos. It’s not something that I’m constantly reminding myself of, but something that helps guide me through life’s tough and not-so-tough decisions.

I can’t remember when exactly I developed or adopted this concept, but I suppose it must have been germinating sometime before my impromptu sticky date pudding. It’s only perhaps in recent months, however, that it’s become a clear idea in my mind.

Maybe it came about because, in my early adult years, I’ve been learning all about life’s many uncertainties, and the greater consequences of these. Perhaps I’ve read/heard too many stories from people who have lost loved ones in sudden and unexpected ways, inevitably leaving issues unresolved and sentiments unexpressed. Maybe I’ve realised, and come to accept, that people will always be coming and going.

I’m not the most open person – I’ve been a bit shy my whole life – and I may, from time to time, have trouble saying what I mean. If you allow me to write it, I may be a bit more eloquent, but that still doesn’t eliminate the fear.

Speaking of fear, I learnt a theory, a long time ago, from somewhere or someone I don’t remember, that all human motivation, behind all actions, boils down to either fear or love. Yes, this is just a theory, but the more I’ve thought about it, the more I realised that it was, indeed, applicable to many things. So perhaps “love regardless” developed as a way to remind myself to be driven more by love than by fear.

And, to clarify, this is not just about romantic love. This is about friends, family, colleagues, teammates, and whoever else is important in your life.


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