talk about it

Since I spend a lot of time reading blogs, I do come across many wonderful blog posts on many various things. Some days I feel like a bit of a blog addict (or blog whore? I don’t suppose either is very politically correct, but since when is political correctness important in the blogosphere?), commenting and “liking” several blog posts in one night. Well, that usually happens when I haven’t been on WordPress for a long time, and have lots to catch up on, so I suppose that’s ok (?)

Very occasionally, I come across a post that inspires something incredible in me, and I feel compelled to share it and/or tell everyone about it. Tonight, I read one such post.

Silence Killed the Dinosaurs is a blog I usually go to for amusement and laughs, but the most recent post was a bit more serious. But, my goodness, this is a message that needs to be shared!

I would provide some sort of blurb for the post, but, honestly, you just need to go and read it.



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