post schedule

I am in the process of writing some scheduled posts. This, in fact, is a scheduled post. As I’m writing this, it is Saturday. However, when I finish writing, I will schedule this post to be published in two days’ time, on Monday.

The reason I’m scheduling these posts is because I am genuinely afraid that I will not have the time and/or energy to (remember to) write posts in the next few weeks. Well, I mean, I’d probably manage it with some effort, but this will kind of be like a safety net. Besides, if I take the time to write the posts now, when I have reasonable time and mental capacity for writing, then maybe these posts will be better quality than frantic posts written at the eleventh hour when I realise that I haven’t posted anything for the week yet.

Does this sound like I’m getting a bit obsessive?

Well, I made this commitment to publish a post at least once a week. But nothing bad’s going to happen if I miss a week or two here and there. I might feel bad for a while, but surely I’d get over it. Surely no one (or very few people) would actually even notice. I won’t be reprimanded or punished. There’s nothing to worry about.

But it will put my mind at ease to know that these posts have been written and are ready to go, bristling and pawing the ground at their respective starting lines.

Maybe, for the next few weeks, I won’t check WP at all. I’ll just let the posts publish themselves, as per my very arbitrary schedule (but not completely arbitrary because they’ll probably be scheduled so that they look nice and spread out on the calendar widget thing in the sidebar). I won’t respond to comments, and I won’t read other blogs in these coming weeks. It’ll be like a hiatus.

Heck, we all know that that’s probably not going to happen; I’ll probably still read my regular blogs. Probably not as often as I’m used to, but I’ll get around to it.

It’s still a bit weird, though, all this future scheduling stuff. I mean, the future is so uncertain. Wouldn’t it be weird if I wrote a post about why I dislike hot weather (I probably won’t, since I reckon I’ve probably already written too much about that), and then on the day that I schedule it, we have a cold snap?  What if I wrote a post about my work family, and how much I like working with the team we’ve got now, and then someone quits the day after it’s published?

Maybe I’ll just play around with publishing times. I could schedule posts for 3am when I’ll undoubtedly be sleeping, or for mid-morning when I’m busy at work.

I’m going to forget which posts I scheduled for when, and I’ll forget what I wrote in each one. Maybe I’ll just start following my own blog.

*Tangent alert*

There was this website I’d been told about a long time ago, where you could send emails to your future self. I can’t remember what the site was called, but I used it a couple of times. I’d set it to send several years in the future, and the email would just be me wondering if certain things have changed. It was like a time capsule thing.

I’m not sure how far ahead WP allows you to schedule posts (I got up to Jan 2017, then gave up) but I suppose even a year is enough time to forget you scheduled a random post, and then get pleasantly surprised by the random post popping up on your blog and getting random comments from people.

Oh, the possibilities!


4 thoughts on “post schedule

  1. Hi Sharon,

    I am wondering if it would be more efficient if you would invest in an Android/iOS tablet with a wacom Digitizer stylus and write your post there. You would also have the ability to take down notes throughout your day. A digital diary if you prefer. These functions are also available on our smart phones with the only downside of being a smaller device to take notes.

    What would you do?


    • That’s a good suggestion there. I could get a fair bit done in an hour’s lunch break, or half-hour commute… I just need some time to look at which tablet to get …and then actually go and buy it XD

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