that post I said I’d write about my poor laptop

It’s been over a month since I last used my laptop. I’m still feeling weird about it. Part of me kind of feels bad, like I’m neglecting it, or like I’ve abandoned it (which, I suppose, I kind of have…)

It’s still sitting on my desk, waiting to be used (I’ve just migrated over to my sister’s old desk to use the computer she left here). The other day, I sat at the desk to do some reading and write random notes (it kind of just felt “right” sitting at my old desk again), but I still didn’t use my laptop at all. I always figured I should go back to a desktop computer, since I hardly ever moved the laptop from the desk anyway (to be used how laptops were designed to be used).

My laptop is getting kind of old and worn out. I’ve had it since early 2008, so that’s over 7.5 years of service that it’s given me. I’ve been noticing it slowing down for a long time now. Certain things don’t quite work as they used to (YouTube won’t work at all on the laptop unless I’m really lucky), and some of the things that do work are just so slow.

The last time that I used the laptop, I’d just turned it on briefly so that I could back-up or transfer important files. There’s nothing on there that I really need any more – nothing that isn’t also somewhere else – and yet, I can’t bring myself to put it away. Definitely couldn’t sell it / give it away / dispose of it. But I should, right? I mean, I should do something with it other than just let it sit at my desk forever.

The thing is, I’m a bit sentimental.

Ok, I’m a bit more than “a bit” sentimental. Sometimes I can be pretty darned sentimental. I’ve never thrown away a birthday card. I never regift presents. It was really hard for me to even throw away old school notebooks and other things I’ll never look through again.

To be fair, this is a laptop I’ve had for over seven years, and I would have used it on most days/nights during that time, so, me being me, I was bound to form some sort of sentimental attachment to it.

But is it “normal” to have a sentimental attachment to something like a laptop? Is there any point keeping a laptop that’s not getting used? (It will probably still get used eventually, but I’m sure I could just as easily not use it again…)

8 thoughts on “that post I said I’d write about my poor laptop

  1. Totally normal. I have had my iMac since 2008 and, while I keep it meticulously updated and clean, I do notice the slowing down. The thought of a new one, sleeker and thinner, makes me sad for my current one!

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