light-headed and foolish … and I don’t think I can blame the heat

Things I have done so far this afternoon:

  • Finished reading ‘Atonement’ by Ian McEwan (dedicated post on this to come in the next few days – just need to let everything sink in first)
  • Re-watched the movie ‘Atonement’ (I watched it when it originally came out, which was a very long time ago, so I thought it’d be good to re-watch it, especially since I just finished the novel)
  • Sat around staring into space completely gobsmacked by the enormity of the story that is ‘Atonement’
  • Walked around the house, uncharacteristically relishing this heat just because there seems to be something poetic about it – the heat itself, that is (it’s above 30C today even though it’s only early October; not humid, though, thankfully)
  • Ate a Snickers ice-cream thing, which was essentially a Snickers bar with ice-cream instead of nougat. (It was delicious!)
  • Asked myself many, many times if I should go for a run, or allow myself a rest day so that I can run further tomorrow.
  • Switched on my laptop to retrieve files to transfer to “new” computer (post on this also likely to follow some time in the near future)
  • Contemplated what is to become of my old laptop (I’ve had it for almost eight years)
  • Actually apologised to my laptop because I’m not sure I will have further use for it (well, not very often, anyway), and promised it that I would write a post in its honour.
  • Considered writing a post about something worthwhile (e.g. ‘Atonement’, the footy finals, the dry heat, my old laptop, etc) and then decided I wasn’t up to the task because my mind is still lost in the world of ‘Atonement’
  • …and then wrote this instead.

4 thoughts on “light-headed and foolish … and I don’t think I can blame the heat

    • Haha.. my copy was sitting on my shelf for seven years before I finally picked it up. Definitely glad I finally got around to it though! I’m gonna publish a post about it tomorrow

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