last year (#2)

Occasionally, I like to look back at old posts to see what sort of stuff I wrote “back then”, or to see how my writing has evolved, or just to reminisce about old times. The other night, I had a look at the posts I published in September last year, and I came across this one about hypothetically having one year left to live. It has a list of things that I would not change about my life, even if I knew that I was going to die in exactly one year’s time.

I thought it’d be good to do a follow-up post on that one, just to see what’s changed. But, actually, I’d probably keep all of those answers the same. Of course, now that I’m writing a novel (attempting to, at least), I’d probably include finishing the novel in my list. Well, I already had a dot-point for writing, so it’d probably just be included in that.

Something else that I probably wouldn’t change (and that wasn’t on the list) is the amount of travel I do, which is very minimal. Actually, maybe I would (?) It’s hard to say. I mean, initially, I thought I’d mostly stay put so that I could spend more time with family and friends, but then I thought that maybe I’d want to take said family and friends on holidays elsewhere just because I can, and it’d be a nice sort of thank-you to them. But then there’s also the consideration of whether or not it would be better to not squander all my money, so that I have more to leave behind for the people I’m leaving behind.

Gee.. I think I’m overthinking this a little bit…

Ok, how about an easy one: I’ve been baking more this year, and that’s another thing I probably wouldn’t change. In fact, I’d probably bake more. I made shortbread this morning, which I’m pairing with a peanut butter chocolate ganache. And maybe strawberries on top. I’d continue to bake because it makes me feel happy, and it makes others happy, and, really, what more can you ask for? (Ice-cream, maybe, but that can be arranged.) Also, if I only have one year left to live, I’m not going to be counting calories (I don’t even count calories now).

If I had just one year left to live, I’d still listen to lots of music, I’d still learn the lyrics to all the songs I like, and I’d still go to concerts. Again, I’d probably listen to music more often in this one year scenario than I do now. Hmm.. Let me put some music on…

Ok, that’s better.

Let’s delve into something deeper: What would I change? I think this is the harder question to answer because you have to confront the things that aren’t quite right with life, or that aren’t as good as they could be. Ok, here we go…

  1. I would probably share this blog more. Maybe. Currently, I don’t really tell anyone I know in real life that I have this blog (I think I was going to write a post about this, but just haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe I’ll write it next week …maybe after I’ve tried sharing this blog with more people.) It’s not really a big deal either way, I guess…?
  2. I wouldn’t worry so much about getting enough sleep. Considering all the reading, writing, running, baking, etc that I want to do, there’s just no way I’d have time to sleep in or over-sleep. I’d give myself 7 hours max. – ok, maybe 7.5 to 8 hours if I’m really tired. Maybe I’d just start drinking coffee more often. Hmm… I’m sure 7 hours is fine. I’m keeping my moments of stillness, though.
  3. I would give more hugs. I love a good hug as much as the next person but I don’t tend to initiate hugs. Most of my hugs happen on some sort of special occasion, or if I’m with someone who especially likes hugs. Sometimes I feel a bit awkward about hugs, sometimes I sense that the other person feels awkward about hugs. But, according to something I read somewhere some time ago, physical contact (in the form of hugs, etc not, like, violent contact) releases oxytocin, which makes people feel good toward each other, which can’t be a bad thing, right? (Well, it potentially could be, but let’s pretend it’s all good.)

I have this belief that you need at least three things to make a list, so that’s all I’m going to write. That was actually harder than I thought because when I planned this post (in my head), I was just going to write about not changing things again. It was only as I was actually writing this post that I randomly decided to write about making changes, and then I had to sit here and think of three things I would change.

And now the pressure’s on. Will I make these changes? Will I remember to write a follow-up post from this one in approximately one year’s time?

I’m actually curious to know what other people would change / not change, so if you decide to make your own list, and feel like sharing, I’d be interested in reading/hearing about it!


6 thoughts on “last year (#2)

  1. You’re less than a week into your ‘next year’ and have already achieved 1 out of 3 of your goals, great work and thanks for sharing.

    Since I’m not as motivated as you to keep my own blog I’m going to piggy back on your post to keep myself honest and committed to the next 3 things:

    1. Monthly actions: I need to stop thinking and talking about things and start DOING it one small step at a time. To do this I need to: Stick a piece of paper on my bedroom wall with what I want to do/ achieve within the next month, if it doesn’t get done I will roster that task to another month and continue with the next month’s goal. To kick this all off, I going to commit that within the next month I wish to write 3 good reasons why I want to be an architect.

    2. Take Milo out more: I need to take Milo out to fun places more often (not just a walk around the neighbourhood). To do this I need to have a planned trip at least once every 2 weeks to somewhere where I can take dogs. Next fun place I intend to take Milo is the Nudgee beach dog park.

    3. Read more: (Typical, I hear people say): To do this I need to: read at least 1 new book every month. To remember I’ll make sure it coincides with when I need to come up with a new monthly action.

    Thanks letting me borrow a leaf out of your blog.

    Also, please confirm what you meant in your post about travelling? Do you want to travel more or less?

    • Thanks for sharing your list, Chi! Will you take me to Nudgee beach too? 😛

      As for the part about travelling… Well, I’m sort of still pondering on that, but I reckon if I had just one year left to live, I’d probably choose one place to go for holiday (for a few weeks maybe), then spend the rest of the year at home (?)

      Good luck with your goals! If you ever need book recommendations, or would like to borrow books, I’ve got plenty. It’s just that they’re mostly fiction/novels.

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