You know that you’re really enthralled by a book when, walking home with said book in hand, you’re waiting to cross the road, and, in those precious seconds of waiting, you feel compelled, even then, to open your book and continue reading.

The book that I’m currently reading is “The Narrow Road to the Deep North” by Richard Flanagan. I borrowed it from a friend, and, again, I’m convinced that I am predisposed to love novels that are borrowed from or recommended by friends.

I’ve been pretty busy recently, helping my sister with wedding preparations, so don’t expect me to finish reading it any time soon (only about 70-something pages in at the moment), but I just wanted to do this quick post before I get back to the wedding prep. There will definitely be a post on this book once I’ve finished it, though. (And maybe a post on the wedding. We’ll see.)


3 thoughts on “enthralled

  1. 😀 would love to see the post on Sophia’s wedding!! Hope you’re having a great time helping with the wedding prep, exciting times! I remember I was also excited helping out with my brother’s wedding too.

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