cum laude

Ok, so… umm… I don’t usually do “blog award” stuff but since I’ve now received a nomination for “The Beautiful Blogger Award” after having not-too-long-ago received a nomination for “The Versatile Blogger Award”, I thought that maybe I should actually kind of participate in some respect… I actually received both nominations from the creative genius behind “Finding my Opti in this mist”, so I suppose I’m doing something right, right? (To Wide-eyed, sorry about all these ping-backs (not really sorry) but it’s how I’m showing my gratitude. Thanks for thinking of my blog in relation to these awards!)

Conveniently, both awards basically just require that I thank the person who nominated me, list seven random facts about myself, and then nominate some other people. That last step seems kind of optional from what I’ve seen on other sites, so I’m just going to kind of nominate people. By this I mean that I’m going to use my “posts I like” widget (AKA the “What I’ve been reading” list on the side of my blog) as my nominations list. They each link to the respective posts, so it still counts, right?

Also conveniently, this list features exactly seven blogs (at the time of writing this, they are all different, too!) and that’s the number of blogs I’m meant to nominate for the Beautiful Blogger Award (?). Well, one was seven, the other was 15 or something. I don’t know if I actually read 15 different blogs… I probably do but, you know, who’s counting… The other great thing is that, since this list is updated whenever I “like” another post, the nominees will constantly change. One blog could even be nominated seven times if they are just that amazing!

Anyway… with those two things out of the way, I’m just going to give you seven random facts about me, and leave it at that:

  1. I have lived in the same house my entire life (obviously, this excludes places I’ve stayed at while on holidays, sleepovers, etc)
  2. I once founded a Secret Society but then I didn’t really do anything with it, so it sort of faded away (or perhaps that’s just what I want you to think…)
  3. I own way too many books relative to the space I have and the speed at which I read
  4. For some reason, I have a vivid memory of a toy bat (like a fruit bat or something) that I had when I was in grade 2 or 3, which I lost one day, and was really upset about it.
  5. If I’m eating out, and the restaurant has a dish with scallops or lamb, I’ll almost always order that/those dishes. (I’m thankful for the friends who know this and can order for me if I’m running late.)
  6. My most favourite movie ever is “The Lion King”.
  7. I once knitted a scarf for a friend, but that was a long time ago and I can never remember how to “cast on” (is that the right term for the initial part?)

Bonus fact: writing that list was harder than I anticipated. I was trying to make each fact about something different, and also something I probably haven’t mentioned on this blog before.

3 thoughts on “cum laude

    • Haha well, I founded the secret society many years after I lost the bat, so I’m not too sure about the link. However, you’ve given me the idea of possibly re-forming the secret society to look for said bat…

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