quick post – origin

This has been one of those weeks that feels like it’s dragging on, but at the same time feels like it’s just slipping away too quickly. I was going to sit down and write a proper post tonight because I’m starting to worry that I won’t fit in a post by the end of this week, but one thing after another (namely leaving work late, and then reading other people’s blogs) has meant that it’s now past my (poorly) self-imposed bedtime, and I really shouldn’t be typing this but am persisting anyway.

I’ve started keeping a list of posting topics/ideas for weeks like this when I’m a bit stuck or at a loss for what to write, but since this is just going to be a short post, I’m not going to use those.

What I actually wanted to say (which I possibly could have said on Twitter …maybe … I mean, I think the reason I don’t use Twitter much is because I don’t like the 140 character limit) is about State of Origin.

Last night was game 2 of this year’s State of Origin (rugby league, for those of you unfamiliar with our “football” – well, one of our football codes). It was a disappointing game (mostly because of the poor referee calls at certain critical points of the game) but there were some positives.

For one, I thought it was great (maybe even heart-warming) to see that even when a player stuffed up (e.g. fumbled or dropped the ball), his team mates don’t pay him out or get angry or whatever. They just give him a pat on the shoulder and got on with the game because it’s ok because everyone’s human.

I also like how even though some commentators clearly support one side, they will call out the ref for making a poor decision even if it was in their team’s favour. For something like State of Origin, everyone picks a side (unless you have no ties to QLD or NSW and really don’t give a damn), but loyalty to your team comes after the integrity of the sport.

Ok, I’m going to go to sleep now. I may or may not try to write a more decent post on the week-end…

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