good news

Today, despite its trials and tribulations, has been a day of good news.

Today a colleague of mine became a dad. It’s his first child – a beautiful baby boy. We’re all very happy for him, and I reckon he’ll be a great dad.

Today our intern received news of her registration as a pharmacist. I remember when I was finishing up my internship, one of the pharmacists (and mentor and friend) got a little bit emotional. I think what she was trying to express was pride. It truly warmed my heart, but I don’t think I really appreciated it as much as I do now that I’m on the other side of this.

Today also brings news from a friend from afar about a brief visit next week. This was completely unexpected (unlike the birth and the registration, which were both anticipated for a long time before they eventuated) so this is the “pleasant surprise” of the day.

And, finally, it was not so much today specifically, but the weather this week has been getting cooler. The blankets are out, and I’m taking warm showers again! (I don’t think I’ve had a warm/hot shower since before summer began.) I do like cold showers (makes me feel like I’m conserving energy by not using water heating; and there’s no fiddling around with taps to try and get the water temperature just right because it’s just cold water) but week-end sleep-ins are so much better in colder weather.