on this day

Today I am recovering from my run yesterday evening – the run up and down the bicentennial bikeway. I had an early-ish (5pm) finish at work, and the rain had stopped, so I was going to run. Now, after a sleep-in (to about 7:45am), breakfast and some reading, I’m feeling pretty good. I mean, I’m sore, but it’s that kind of glorious soreness that I’m pretty sure I’ve read an author describe in a novel before (perhaps in my current read, “The Hotel New Hampshire” by John Irving). Even so, I am, right now, as the sun is breaking through the clouds, contemplating what workout to do today: another run, or interval training, or some circuits, perhaps?

Today I am also hoping to get a decent amount of reading done. I need to catch up on my Pharmacy journals (for “continuing professional development” (CPD)), but I also want to get through “The Hotel New Hampshire”. The other day, when I had a late lunch at work, and I was sitting in the hospital cafeteria reading THNH, a lady (kind of randomly) came up to me and offered me a book. It was a novel I’d never heard of by an author I’d never heard of, but she seemed keen to share, so I accepted (besides, why would I turn down a free book?). She also offered me another novel, which I also accepted with much gratitude and some disbelief in this random kindness. I am actually keen to read these novels, but first I must finish THNH.

Today I’ve been listening to the music played by the construction workers next door. They’ve been working away all week and, among the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Killers and Hilltop Hoods, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to hear some Kelly Clarkson and even Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” (which will be forever known and referred to as “the Twilight song”). And I know it’s their own playlist, and not the radio, because there have been no ads or pauses between the songs. Unfortunately, they’ve turned their music off now, so I guess I’ll have to put my own music on: maybe some Avicii, Calvin Harris and Sia to keep the energy up.

Today the weather is quite mild and cool. There’s a good breeze going, pretty decent cloud cover, and the humidity is low. It feels like summer is abating. It’s the sort of day that’s perfect for sitting by a wide, open window, or perhaps on the porch or verandah, and just watching the world go past – maybe while chatting to a friend, listening to music, or intermittently looking up from a good book.

Today, all I really needed to do was write this post (my post for the week, that I was too busy/tired to write earlier), and since that’s done now, my day is complete, but also just getting started…

2 thoughts on “on this day

  1. You are in for such a treat with Hotel New Hampshire! May I suggest adding A prayer for Owen Mean and the Cider House Rules to your reading list? I used to be a big John Irving fan. Clearly.

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