DDF supplement

Ok, so I was kind of too tired/sleepy to properly write yesterday’s post about the Deep Dark Fears site. I probably should have just saved it as a draft to be finished off tonight, but I clearly did not think of that in my sleep-deprived, low-energy state last night. (Why am I so tired? More on that later …maybe. Actually, I might put it in another post … also, just maybe on that one.)

Yesterday’s entry doesn’t seem substantial enough (as good as that site is) to stand alone as the only post this week in my post-per-week goal, so I thought I’d supplement it with another one (i.e. this one). Some of the fears featured on DDF seem really random, and I have wondered if any are actually just completely made up. It looks like people can submit messages about their own fears, and these could get posted, so I do wonder if people just try to think up weird “fears” so that they can get featured.

But, you know, I’m really not that cynical – not for something like this anyway. I, myself, have random fears. Not morbid fears or anything to that extreme – they’re more like things I worry about a little, at one time or another. Let’s see if I can think of some examples to help illustrate my point…

I don’t usually use my phone while commuting, but if I do happen to have it out while boarding a train, the thought of accidentally dropping my phone onto the tracks as I step onto the train does tend to come to mind (strangely, I never think about this when I’m getting off the train). And then I wonder about what would happen: I’d probably have to wait for the train to leave, retrieve my phone, and then wait for the next train, but I’m pretty sure it’s illegal, or at least “not allowed” to be on train tracks without some sort of permission…

When I was a kid (I’m talking about early primary school years here), I sometimes worried that I’d get pupil-free days and school days mixed up, and thus accidentally skip school. Similarly, if I went out (with a parent, of course) on a pupil-free day, I thought that maybe some people might mistakenly believe I was skipping school (at that young age, I didn’t realise that most schools have the same pupil-free days).

So umm… I suppose these two examples are pretty tame; they’re probably normal/common fears. If I think of some better examples, I might post them separately, or maybe even submit them to DDF…


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