storm, storm, come this way…

Summer will be upon us soon. Tonight we had a bit of a mini storm, or an introductory storm, if you will. It didn’t rain too much around my place, but you could see lightning constantly flashing in the distance, and we did get a decent (albeit, brief) downpour at one stage.

I find that most people either really like or really hate storms. I generally don’t mind a good storm as long as I’m not in the process of travelling to or from work, or am trying to go for a run/cycle/something of that nature. I don’t tend to get overly thrilled by storms, though. Well, not as much as I used to when I was a kid. I have a lot of general/vague memories of watching storms from just within the shelter of the overhanging part of the roof in the backyard. To be able to feel the cool wind, the occasional spray of rain, and the thunder as it rumbles to your core – to be so close to all of this, but still safe within the bounds of the house – that felt awesome.


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