on the road

For some reason, I have been unbelievably tired these last few days. Well, mostly just today and yesterday (Tuesday and Monday, respectively). I felt fine on Sunday, which was weird because I spent most of Saturday in a car going to/from Bundaberg…

That was probably the longest road trip I’ve ever been on, and I’m surprised that I wasn’t overly tired from the trip; I didn’t even yawn once throughout the whole thing (I was about to write “ordeal” but that has negative connotations, and it certainly wasn’t a bad trip). I suppose the trick to surviving long drives like that is to have good music and good company – both of which are conducive to good conversations, which in turn helps one stay awake and alert.

It was actually kind of a work-related trip, so we didn’t stay in Bundaberg for very long, but it was all worthwhile.

I kind of want to go on more road trips now. I have a certain curiosity about small towns. Perhaps it’s because I’ve lived in a big(-ish) city my whole life… I reckon it’d be cool to do a road trip around the country and just visit all these random small towns in the middles of nowheres, or perhaps, even, to just do a trip around the state.

Beaches, countryside; mountains, plains; forests, outback… I can’t say I have a huge preference of one over the other. It is incredible that we can have such varied landscapes within a reasonably small area of land.