A to Z

Just a quick post to kind of balance out the long posts I’ve been writing lately. I generally don’t set out to write really long posts, but I also generally don’t plan my posts very thoroughly, so they just end up long because I didn’t realise how much I actually had to say about something.

I don’t really have anything in particular that I wanted to write about today, but I just really felt like writing something. I suppose you could say that writing is kind of therapeutic for me. I might not be stressed out to begin with, but I know I’ll feel better after writing (in the same sense that I feel better after reading, eating, or going for a run; a bit of music doesn’t go astray either).

Recently I’ve felt like writing letters. As much as I like writing entries for this blog, I’ve been feeling like I’d really like to write letters to people. Nice letters, of course. The only problem is that letter-writing doesn’t seem to be regarded by my generation as very socially acceptable (and in case it hasn’t registered, I’m talking about handwritten letters).

Yes, ok, I’m sure there are some sentimentalists out there who are both Gen Y and like handwritten correspondence (and some of these might even be people I know!) but it’s not the sort of thing people just casually ask one another… “Hi, can I write you a letter?”

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