oh, the places you’ll go!

And so the series of posts about my NZ holiday continue… At first, I’d wanted to get all of these posts out quickly while the memories were still fresh and whatnot, but I’ve been busy, and also tired. Luckily, even after two weeks, the memories are still relatively fresh in my mind.

Something that really impressed me about Queenstown and the surrounding region was the breath-takingly beautiful scenery. Yes, I’ve seen pictures before and stuff on TV, and I’ve seen the LOTR movies, so I knew that, yes, the scenery is pretty special. But I hadn’t expected to be wowed to the extent that I was. It’s one thing to look at a photo, and another to be physically on a mountain, or by a lake, or on a mountain by a lake.

Having said that, I was going to include some photos with this post anyway, but it seems there’s some sort of issue with my laptop or my internet connection or both, so there’s been a bit of trouble uploading the photos. Consequently, there’ll be no photos in this post. Maybe I’ll upload them separately another time. This reminded me of a line from ‘The World According to Garp’ that goes something like “it is better to imagine than to remember”. Can’t remember the page/chapter/context it’s from, but I’m sure it’s in there somewhere.

My first glimpses of the glorious snow-capped mountains were from the plane. In a sense, we were kind of fortunate that there was a fair bit of ice on the runway, so our plane had to circle around a few times before getting the all-clear to land. This gave us and our fellow passengers a chance to take some photos, and admire the stunning view.

Already I knew that I’d be taking a lot of photos on this trip. I think I might have taken more photos in the first few days, though, because I wanted to get the photo-taking (mostly) over and done with, so that I could spend the rest of the time just soaking up the spectacular views and engraving everything into my long-term memory.

We stayed at Reavers Lodge, which had a lovely view of Queenstown (totally worth walking up that steep little road to the even steeper driveway every day, just to have that view from our verandah). They also had a resident goat (which was merrily eating the brochures and wicker furniture in the reception room when we were checking in), a fireplace in the commonroom, and daily “continental breakfast” (which was basically just cereal and toast, but they’re probably the two things I like most for breakfast anyway).


So I managed to get this one photo to load – I’m guessing it’s because it’s from my phone, and thus has the lowest file size…

On one of our rest days, we visited nearby Arrowtown. Everything about Arrowtown was quaint. I mean that in a good way; it was lovely. The place gives you a feeling like everything is peaceful and cheery there. They also have a gorgeous little river, along which we took a very pleasant stroll filled with more photo-taking. In fact, the photo in my blog header (at present) was taken at some stage along our stroll.

For one of our snowboarding days, we went to Treble Cone, which we drove to via Wanaka. It was probably later in the morning than we would have hoped, but we couldn’t resist stopping along the way to take more photos. We spent a decent amount of time by Lake Wanaka, which was unbelievably beautiful. And it looked amazing from the top of the mountain as well. If you go back to my post about snowboarding, you can kind of see the view from atop Treble Cone in the photo.

For anyone who likes taking landscape/scenery photos, Queenstown/Wanaka/etc would be paradise. They’re the sort of views that I could just sit and admire all day, contemplating life or just daydreaming…

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