back to reality

Just got back from a week in Queenstown on Sunday. Went straight back to work on Monday (yesterday). Already feeling like I need another holiday.

Ok, not quite – it’s been ok. Kind of feel like I’m still on a bit of a high from the holiday, but it could also be all the sugar I’ve consumed from the cupcakes that people brought in to work for fundraising purposes. After all, can’t say no to a good cupcake; can’t let good cupcakes go to waste either.

We arrived back home in the evening, and I basically just ate dinner, showered, unpacked all my luggage, and went to sleep. I was actually surprised by how productive that night was. I was also surprised how not tired I was at work the next day. I kind of feel like I spent half my day telling people how amazing my holiday was, and catching up with stuff going on at work, etc. I also felt a bit disorientated coming back to work so soon after my holiday, so I reckon that I must’ve spent the other half of the day trying to figure out what’s going on, and trying to settle back in to routine and that sort of thing.

This trip was actually my very first overseas holiday, so I guess it’s kind of a big deal for me. I’m planning to write up a few posts about different aspects of the trip, and maybe publish them every few days or so. We’ll see how it goes. I feel like there’s so much I want to write about, but I’m just so tired and sleepy…


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